Tuesday, December 20


Loss ... Income Tax Lec - "Profit Includes Loss" ,
"Income includes Negative Income which can be called Loss loosely",
"Loss in some cases is beneficial ... Helps Tax planning",
"Loss Return if not filed, loss cannot be carried forward"

Loss ... Accounts Lec - "Loss is excess of expenses over revenue"
"Loss is the balancing figure on the credit side of the P&L Account"
"Loss must be seen objectively"
"Only monetary losses are considered"
"Anything that can be translated into money can be a profit or loss"
"Loss need not mean a liability"
"Intangibles having a value will have loss"
"Cost price higher than Selling Price ensures a loss"

Loss ... Costing - " Costing loss excludes Financial items"
"Objective costing looks into Loss ... is it marginal or total?"
"Marginal Loss - additional loss incurred to produce or not produce an additional unit /commodity/service"
"Total Loss includes Fixed Loss; Marginal Loss is variable loss ... contribution is higher than sales value"
"Costing recognizes 3 states - Profit , breakeven and loss ... in a way, break even can be called loss of margin of safety"

Loss ................
A drop of tear,
a moment of silence,
a cacophony of voices,
a moment of sorrow,
the passing away of my grand dad,
the breaking up with my boy friend...
another birthday,
a moment of regret,
a rash decision,
a fight fought,
a lie told,
a wasted childhood,
an aimless adulthood ....

Loss .....loss.


induvs said...

seems to have understood the basics very well

Kaala Kavva said...

Losses here Losses There
But no one cares to think,
There's always gain,
There's always gain,
The boat, may float or sink.

RAHUL said...

i think u r too much associated with your stuides in class room so ur blog also shows that.nice collection of losses. loss can be emotional & personal also which cannot be studied in classes which can be feel.

br!j :-) said...

kisi 40 something se pucho loss kya hota hai , bolega bal jhad rahe hain kafi loss ho raha hai

kisi 40 something ko pucho loss kya hai, bolega I have lost the vigour ;-)

ab in sab ko koi kaise calculate kare in terms of money yaar :-/

Kaala Kavva said...

bloody! Kitni dirty poem thee!
I hated it as much as I loved the frog and the nightengale!

arpana said...

@ Zeex .. Lols !!!! lagta hain is poem ne aapki kaafi raaton ki neend haraam ki hain ! I loved the frog n the nightingale, liked this one too, but the best were Lochinvar & the Highway Man ! Another poem I cant stop thinking whenever I step into a dentists is that about a vicious circle of teeth and dentists ! lols

Kaala Kavva said...

Saaare poems to cover kar lee tune class 10th kee!
mujhe to sirf nightengale achi lagti thee bas... mai poem likh daalta hu aisee waisee but mujhse poems padi nahi jaati...

Ek suleman and sheep kar ke bhi to thee kuch...
pakau see.

arpana said...

@zeex .. sahi main ! and for the suleman's Son ke kisi Q ke answer ko to mujhe full marks mile they ! how can I ever forget dat poem !