Sunday, December 18

Kya Shor Machcha Rakha Hain Yaar !!!

@junta .. ek baar ye postkya likh diya , ye mat sochna ki main devdas ki main female version ban gayi hoon ! arre mujhe zoo ka jaanwar naa banao, ye to bas ek pal ya ek ghatna se jude kuch bhaavane thi jise humne likh daale ! naa hume shaarab ki aadat hain , aur naa kutton se hamdardi ya mohabbat !!! :O
main bhi doosri ladkiyon ki tarah hi achche aur handsome ladkon ko oogle karti hoon agar yakeen nahin aata to ye dekhiye .... to hum kya kah rahe they?

haan yahi ki hamne ek incident se naa jeena choda hain, naa jevan ke mithaas ko, is baat ko kisi se bhi pooch liyo, bata denge !
aur hamare jeevan ke anand uthaane ke chakkar main jo chakki ki tarah pis rahe hain, un main se kuch ye log bhi hain ... dekho ..Sammy aur ye bhi shaamil hain .. apne Birju maharaj !!
haan ye sach hain, ki kabhi kabhar kuch dard hota hain, par jab dard naa ho to zindagi kis kaam ki ..

woh kisi ne kaha nahin hain kya ...
woh aadmi hi kya jisne pyaar na kiya ho?
woh insaan hi kya jisne jaam na piya ho?
woh ......well.... baaki ke lines yaad nahin (actually, cant cook up better lines in my head , so u will have to bear with this crap shaayari for now :P)

waise bhi, infact one good thing (or is it bad?) thats happened is that the number of comments on my blog is now officially in 2 digit figures ! whewww thats a great achievement ! (or is it?) the posts which once boasted of a max comment of 7 for a senti weepy kinda poem .. (this one now has gotten into the league of 19 comments a piece ! duh -uh ! now does this mean Im getting too expressive or getting better? or am I beginning to write these "commercial" kinda blogs that invite as much controversy as much publicity they do? Duh -uh !
Damn ! again, im like deviating from the point for the nth time ! ever wonder why I write such long posts ? its because I write in legal language ... if u are wondering wats dat ... its like beginning with an intention in mind , losing sight of the intention and thus filling in the page with definition of each word and a proviso in brackets to each sentence that a sentence, by the time it reaches its final full stop will have become a para in itself ! much like the above sentence I wrote ! I guess this is a sign to stop typing , but then , again , having deviated for the n+1th time ... I am not Devdas ka female version , Im not one of those weepy belary eyed heroins who pine and shed loads of mascara and glycerine on their loved ones !!! In fact Im a very far cry from them !! Im not beautiful for one , not thin and skinny for the other, Im pursueing CA instead of the usual Fashion designing that these females pursue , Im earning and learning which is not required by these females ... I cant afford to sit at home and cry ! My family is middle class and needs all the income it can get! In fact Im a girl who enjoys Flirting , again , ask Sam , he'll give you his expert comments on my flirting abilities ! he just called and got a shock of his life when I began to flirt with him !! lols !
So then .... The Defense rests your honour ... But it does not await your honorable opinion on the matter ! :P


br!j :-) said...

:Duffer mera blog address change ho gaya hai, edit kar le apna template.

RAHUL said...

wow arpita, i think u now become a sayyar aur what?

i think u can become a writer also aise bhi bollywood do not have a proper writers so they need to take stories from hollywood so u can help them for songs & stories

nice one keep writing

Kaala Kavva said...

waah... *with tears*
kitna senti post tha.. *more tears*
mai to max senti ho gaya *flood*

Yeh to sach hai ke sab ke mood swings hote hai,
Yeh to sach hai ke sab ke mood swings hote hai,
kisee mein tu roti hai kisse mein aap-paas ke log rote hai!

wah wah....

arpana said...

@zeex ! bachaaaaaoooo mujhe swimming nahin aata ..I can swim in salty water AT ALL !
kya shaayari hain yaar wah wah ! chalo, zindagi main koi to kaam kiya ! humne apne chapaat se chapaat master ko rula diya !

ABiasForAction said...

what was the case.who was the prosecutor.
may be yet another instance of the 'The Beautiful Mind' Phenomena..

Kaala Kavva said...

Master kaha ? hum to jack of all trades hain
Master kaha ? hum to jack of all trades hain
Chapting to sirf ek, hamaare aur bhi bahut shades hain!

Gareebo ko rulaana koi mushkil kaam hai kya ?
Gareebo ko rulaana koi mushkil kaam hai kya ?
But Zeex nahi, Ze Exaggeatorr apun ka naam hai, kya!!!