Monday, December 12


"Man Dole Mera Tan Dole a few grunts , a moan and a hand reaches out from the bed covers to snooze the alarm.

10 Minutes later, Ek Main Aur Ek Tu , Dono Mile a muttered curse about morning and alarms and classes and wat not , again Snooze

Another 10 Minutes later Mohe panghat pe nandlal ched gayo re
Now the hand switches off the alarm and the body twists and bucks trying to catch some more precious moments of sleep.
But the increasing load on the bladder does not allow for it ...

"f**k this bladder" hair thrown away from the face, the hands grope in the semi darkness to flick the light on, and on pure instinct and urgency, the legs carry themselves towards the loo.
The cold rim of the loo brings some (just barely) sense into the sleep infested groggy brain, but then , just barely... fall asleep while doing the Business ..

A slight knock, another, yet another, A bang , and a series of bangs bring the brain back to working condition, flush the loo and trudge out while the brother yells a string of curses and abuses ...
"Always sleepy, Goddamn ! how did you ever pass you dumbhead .. h o w d i d u m a n a aaaaaaaaaaaaa"
sorry bro, the brain has stopped taking voice inputs.

step into the bathroom and wash the legs, the cold clammy and freezing water acts like a jolt of electricty, but just for a while... then , grope for the mug and wash the face , get an artificial wakeful moment, ask for tea... while the brain spends the wakeful minute deciding whether to take a bath or not ... it decides in favour of the latter, wash the face with the same freezing water.. the brain begins to think, and curses the ever cold weather of Blore, thinks of Vijayawada fondly amid shivering legs and chattering teeth ... the brain's waking up now ..

I know now that Im Arpz and I have a class to attend at 6AM ... Damn ! its already 5:40 AM ... Damn ! Wash the face and brush the teeth hurriedly , forget the tea, bring out the jerkin and the mobile and switch on the radio .. the radio has stopped blaring now that Ive switched off the Alarm ( in case you are too prexpelled about the connection ... well , my mobile has the option of setting the radio as the alarm sound. Curse the cold again, curse the sun for coming up so soon, curse the lec for having classes so early, curse myself for taking up the course, curse life for being so unfair, curse the vehicle cos the fuel level is low ... start the vehicle, and say my good bye to a glaring bro and a harried mom ( with kids like us, u'd bet on her looking harried 24/7) she remembers that Ive forgotten my tea, she calls to me , makes me drink my tea ... which I grudgingly drink, its already 5:55AM
and my coll is 12 Kms away ... she calls out for the last time "Go Slow , I dont want you meeting with another accident, take care , dont kill ne1 on the road"

Reach the class at 6:15AM, the class is in progress , the lec is droning on about FBT tax and the complications the bad drafting of the law finance ministry has caused, he is telling about the litigations the FBT would create and indirectly mean more work for us CAs (selfish lot these CAs Damn), try to slip into an empty place , trying to make as less noise as I can, but ending up making as much noise I can... The whole class stares at me , as though Ive just committed murder. It makes no difference to the lec, he's moved on to the computation Section 155WB(2) ... take out the book and start taking down all the random lines he's written on the board, tryin to make sense out of those random strokes ... after another 15 minutes , trying to battle sleep , yet again ......


arpana said...

@abiasforaction.... Lols I wld neva leave my bed , if not for the classes ! I hate to wake up, love pretending that Im the sleeping beauty ! :p

RAHUL said...

hey sleeping beauty our F.M. is not a CA but he want to collect a money in different form from poor people & the salary class people r easily reachable so he try to take more from them & FBT is part of it.

arpana said...

@rahuketu ... whoever he is or not, watever be his aims , he sure is doing a lot of damage to my dreams ! :p
and as for FBT, I have my reservations on the dumb draft of a badly written law, I better keep them to myself though ! :D

RAHUL said...

i know there is a lot mistakes & bad drafting in it but u always need to remember that "IT HAPPENS ONLY IN INDIA" & our law is always like that to create confusion so that it can not be understand by average people & so professionals & govt. can make money out it for this i like advt. of SBI mutual fund where they shows that half of ur food is eaten by tax. its too good.

arpana said...

@RK , thanks for the offer for help, I shall certainly ask for it when I need it :-)

Kaala Kavva said...

but koi nahi

everyone suffers the same!

ooooh! the morning!

and the class

my class starts at 8.. i leave home at 7.55 dot!
and reach at 8.10!
(my colz is only 8km :D)

arpana said...

@zeex .. thanks yaar ! koi to hain jo mere saath jaldi uth tha hain ! par saala ye Blore ki thand aur mere bed ki warmth to bas ! kya kahoon ! :(( (boohoooo)