Friday, December 30

Err... Wats that word?

A happy New Year to Everyone,

May all of you remain busy , get jobs (that pay you less than what I get paid .. Ok thats my evil twin speaking lols), get good marks, get the love of your life, get out of that home and move into a bigger,better house, move outta 2 wheelers and into 4 wheelers.... oh watever , do everything , you have 365 days to call an year , jump around , reach those goals plan those strategies and tactics, If you dont succeed, well, you always have anothere set of 365 days ! :p

Hmm , I have more personal things to clear up this year ... I need to refocus on life and re read my aims and reset them ...

The New Year Err ... (though i hate this word, for the lack of another word - ) Resolutions are

1.Lose 7 kgs in 3 months (scratch that sentence out .., make it TRY and lose AS MANY ever possible !(so that I dont get dejected if I add on any) :P)

2. Learn to talk softly ( I think I dont need a phone at all, just shout aloud and my friends in US can hear me .. sighhhh )

3. Try and act as a Girl should ( You kno what I mean)

4. Achieve the above resolutions and get myself a Boy friend ( for since men have looked for things beyond .. "aap kitni achi dikh rahi ho aaj " or "aapki aawaaz kitni meethi hain")

5. Study and Pass CA Final ( Now thats a tough one , but what the heck, life isnt easy)

6. Read more books and read more of Indian Authors this year ... (the Bankim Chandra I read last was just wonderful)

7. Talk to people (For Gods Sake , I tend to decide the kind of a person he is from the extent to which he talks about books and to the extent his "Looks seem intelligent")

8. Try and Blog Less... This is become like an addiction Damn !

9. Oh Damn ! there I go with the bloody swearing again .. Try and Swear less , ( welll ..ummm .. even if you have to , use milder words)

10. Stop talking to Anon people on the net ( I ve had one hazaar cases of ASL ... Pls tell me your number .... Hey , U & me get together .... or just plain I think I love you , do you have a webcam?)

11. Stop lying ( errrrrrr ...... :| ... atleast try yaar, failures are the stepping stones of success)

12. Begin waking up early in the morning , help mom around at home ( puhlleeaasse, Im tired of having to listen to my mom's cribs about me not acting like a good daughter)

13. Try and spend less money , warna itna spend karti hoon ki worldbank se udhaar lena padega !

14. Get Over my boyfriend ( at least think HE WAS A LOSER ...)

15. Try and attend CAT classes :-( (ok , CA is more important ... but try for CAT classes as well)

16. Ward off Mom's attempts at marriage ( wheewww thats gonna take up most of my time)

17. Keep My room clean ( thats gonna take up the rest of the time)

Chalo, abhi tak itna kaafi hain , woh kya kahte hain .. to many goals spoil the year ! :p


arpana said...

@abhi ... "the world needs phoolan devis like u" -> dude , my gran has a differing opinion, she's gonna kill me if she sees me whistling again **looking scared**

" I am just not available.hope u will survive this news" Oh Thank God For Small Mercies :p

"dont buzz me again.nice knowing you." - > Dude ... :| now this is hilarious, but u din seem like those despos from la la land who havent even heard of a female homo sapien and who go I love you or wats ur **** size etc the min they get ur ID , so thot it wld be nice to speak, par chaman charlie, jab aapne kah hi diya hain .. chalo, hum nahin karte koi baat ! :p

as for the :-) comment , well .. check ur blog for dat

Hiren said...

Best of luck to you for your new year resolutions. Happy new year.

Bona Petite said...

Happy New Year :)

PS- What's with the pic??

Lalit Singh said...

itne saare resolutions
baap re!!

Rays Of Sun said...

hey, first time here..nice resolutions..out of the 17, I would agree to atleast 10 of them:)

Wishing you a great year ahead and I think you will pass your CA exams:)

arpana said...

@hiren , thanks ! just hope i end up fulfilling at least one of them ! lols

@Ranj .. yeah, HNY to u as well ... and the pic is an age old pic of a dance drama of which i was a part in mabbe 8th or smthng ... lols ! i look so damn different !

@ lalu ... itne saare main se ek - do to poore ho jayenge naa :p

@rays .. 10? which 10?and thnks for CA , though the name itself indicates "Come Again" ROTFL :D

Rays Of Sun said...

All except for the CA, CAT, room cleaning, lying and the losing weight:O
I think all the rest sums up my resolutions as well:))
So, we both can motivate each other:)))

arpana said...

@ROS .. yeah .. CA, CAT and weight are the nightmares God gave me :(

@ranj ... yeah ritttteeee ! Satish Kaushik's cousin said the same thing to him when he saw "Jaane Bhi Do Yaroon" :|
meri apni cousin .. nahiiinnnnnn :((

and wat else are file fotos for? lols, will scan another one and put it up so dat u can faint all over again :p

Shekhar said...


ASL please ? ;) Just kidding.

By the way, itne saare resolutions...Yaad bhi rahenge? Mera to sirf ek chotu sa resolution tha, that I would sleep early and wake up on time this new year. And for a start, I would sleep at 2 and wake up at 8. Guess what? Slept at 8 in the morning and woke up at 3 in the afternoon. :D

God Bless you.

arpana said...

@shekhar .. lols , thanks for the HNY wishes , ASL - Arpz(?), Female (?), Earth (?) maybe mars too, cant say ! :P

arre 17 isliye banaye hain ki atleast yaad 1-2 to rahe ! lols , dekhte hain, at the end of the year kya hota hain ! waise me started workin on my res already ! yipee