Thursday, December 29

Mood Swings

Chalo ... so Im done venting out my frustration at the world in general and myself in particular in my last post !:p I know the Part2 of the random story is yet to come , well.. im too lazy to type it yaar !

And this time of the year, im sure its gonna be senti wenti only ! mujhe abhi koi sentiaap nahin jhaadna hain, isliye that story is best left alone as of now.

Aaaaah, Alone, thats the key word, sala har koi new year apne apne Bf ya Gf ke saath mana raha , Im only bloody looser who doesnt have a single soule to spend the new year with ! All these years I would atleast spend the eve and the D Day atleast with a couple of friends, par jab se college ka saath choota hain , hamare dost jaise ....
ewwwwwwewew ! i feel like Raj kapoor singing "Dost Dost naa raha ...." ewwww
In fact I hate Raj Kapoor , sala Mentally retarded dihkta tha ! Damn ! there I go rambling off again ! The matter at hand is of mood swings ... haan to what was I sayin ..

yeah , me thot me will drown this PMS mood swing .. yeah , Im a girl and I have PMS , so wat? everyone has them, thats the only solace I have , half the population on earth have to bear this bloody menace , its not just me ! Bloody Bloody PMS ! yuucckkk ! and along with it comes mood swings .. damn ! 1 month Im irritated and ready to bite anyone , another month Im in tears for no reason at all, another random month Im this angry monster who keeps shouting at everyone ! Damn ! PMS has a way of making a perfectly sane (:O) person totally insane !

See, I go rambling again ... Randomness flows in my veins, so does talkativeness ! :(
Getting back, I tried to check out some singles parties and I find out that the perhead charges for a single is Rs1,500/- mummmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy meri pocket money bhi utni nahin hain
taaaaannnnnnooooooooo ( err.. ahem....assume this is the violin in the background, trying to give a sad touch to the statement)

While the bloody couples get in with a patry 500 bucks ! waaahhhh ! I hate it I hate it I hate it !

uske upar itna saara kaam, homework, exams ....
yeah, one good thing these days, Ive started venting out my frustation in a new channel, I play badminton these days.. My bro doesnt know where to vent his frustation, I hit the err...cough cough ... cock (shuttle cock yaar) so hard that he needs to buy a new one every 3 days :(
Looks like Im gonna be banned from that as well.

Mera bhai saala abhi chota hain, He and I cant pass off as a couple, even if we did, I would not want him to be in midst of semi nude girls & Non males (this is bengaluru saaarrrr)boozing all around him, arre bhai abhi tak cartoon dekhta hain, kuch saal aur cartoon dekhne do naa, its safer !

So Im left with no option but to sleep through / work through the new year, the latter looking like a better probability, unless soe other stag wants to save money ... we can pass off as couples, I can listen to metal , tribal fusion and rock, he can look around and pant and drool over girls


jaanu said...

lagta hain kaafi frustu ho ... watcha doin watza mattersss? phir se PMS ya phir se Phani ki yaad aa gayi raat main? **lookin concerned**

arpana said...

@jaanu .. arre tu prohibied baatien mat kar yaar .. dil pe lagta hain (and Im talking about PMS :P)
waise bondu , watza doing on blog space alien? mee tee maaa mee (alien bhasha main -- bhaag jaaooooooo)

@ Jughead , kya yaar ek - do din ke celebration ke liye zindagi bhar ka jhanjhat uthaaon kya? :O paagal ho gaya hain kya? mujhe to paise bachane ke liye koi aisa banda chahiye jis se ki hep party main ghus sake dono .. uske baad *sailor voice* All hands on the deck, all men to themselves *end of sailor voice*

arpana said...

@sam , mere saath poora din guzaar lo, :D