Friday, December 9

A Typical Day

Well, This is not a typical day, it is not a typical day at all !

It is very rare that you get to see handsome guys, rarer still u get to see intelligent handsome guys...

Some external auditors have come to office today and one of them is this extremely good looking auditor and the fact that he looks intelligent (dunno whether he is or not ! but then , from wat Ive heard , to work at KPMG , u DO need to BE intelligent, isnt enough to loook like one) along with being so handome toppled me over.

I feel like a teenager all over again, infatuated with the guy ... Im smitten , fully totally and unashamedly smitten ! Damn !!!

I kept waiting near the elevator for him to join me, and the guy goes down the damn stairs with his colleagues ! Why did god EVER invent stairs !!! Damn it !!!

He's like now holed up in the Sr Mgr - Finance's cabin , isnt gonna come out in a jiffy ... well, but if he has to leave, he has to walk thro the way I sit , so I can atleast get a peek of him again, and then I can revert back to playing the role of the dignified professional working hectically to meet her deadlines oblivious to whether fish have started fying in air !

But for now, Im enjoying the warmth raise to my cheeks as I blush and the twinkle that touches my eyes and stays there when I smile ..... And yes of course , the laughter my frnds' outrageously insane but all in good faith suggestions are causing ! :p

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