Friday, February 24

The Theme Of The Day

Today is our Team's green day !
Naah, got nothing to do with the environment , and nothing at all with Maneka Gandhi and her brand of Green !

All girls in the team today are to wear a Green Saree ( we are combining the colour and the Ethinc day - err, well , kind of) and the guys come in a kurta ! Im the only one without a saree! I knew if I get to office in a salwar,Im sure to get comments like

"Couldnt you wear one? Oh Where there is a will, there is a way" and a general dissappointment of everyone not coming in a saree ! I decided to shift the attention from my clothes ! How do I do that? By dressing up in a theme ....
Since green is the common colour between India and Pakistan , I decided my theme accordingly and dressed up as a Muslim !

Whats more integrating than a Hindu Brahmin dressing up as a Muslim? Err ... The Jews praising Hitler? Well, lets not look at impossible aspects ! instead, lets look at how I look.

so, here it goes ! (pic taken from my mobile , please excuse the lack of clarity ! )

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Samyak said...

U looking.. cho chwweettt... !!

Hara bhara kabaab !! [:D]