Tuesday, March 7

In the Middle of Nowhere

Had a gruelling day at office today, had an MICS class in the morn ( which invariably turns out to be a joke to most people in the class, and the rest (me included) are left wondering whether there really was a joke? or was it a class? or was it anyhting and/or nothing? But I know one thing it sure is, a waste of time :(
its one of those "is it a bird? is a plane , no its superman" cases.
Oh and the most important of all, its scheduled to begin at 7:30Am , but the lady walks in bedecked with all finery and jewllwery ( including payal ! ) at 8:00Am , and doesnt let go until 10 AM , where as Im supposed to be home at 10AM to be ready in time for the cab to pick me up for office :(

Well, so having rambled off the point, I get back to the point i was trying to make in the first place.
Boring Class+Gruelling day at office = Early to Bed

But then, I woke up in the middle of nowhere now, hiccuping God only knows why a hiccup in the middle of sleep. Tired eyes but just cant sleep, and the damn hiccup wont go no matter what I do ...
I held my breath until i went blue in the face, drank a whole gallon of water which err.... resulted in things other than for what it was intended, they say if u get scared, u'll stop hiccuping , so I put on some make up and stood in front of the mirror, it achieved the former, but could not stop the latter :(
and in the middle of all this, i had an urge to switch on my comp and write this, so dont strangle me if you dont like it, you know the mental state (or the lack of it) when I wrote this ......

aapke aankhon main ek ajeeb sa sunapan hain
lagta hain jaise bilkul akeli hain aap,
par anjaane main hi jaise ye aankhein
kabhi kabhi is tarah machal jaati hain
jaise khud main saamyien inhone
poore duniya ki bachpan hain

aapke palkon main ek nami si hain
bujhi bujhi si jalti hain ye aankhien
kuch jaani si, kuch adhoori si ek kahaani
rachti hain ye aankhein
jaise bujhti hui hi,
kisi roshni ko phir se jalaati hain ye aankhein

Har kadam aaki sahmi si, thami si hain
har shabd jaise hoton se adhoora nikala ho
phir bhi, in girti rukti kadmon ne hi
is sharaabi ko sahaara diya ho,
is doobte ka tinka banke , ek thilasa diya ho.

Sooni haathon pe akshar ke kangan lage hain
Sooni maang main bhaavnaon ki ashaa jage hain
sooni dhadkan main pyaar ke deep jale hain

Kabhi hum in aankhon ko dekhte hain
Kabhi un baahon ka sahar paayein ,
ye sochkar ladkhadaate bhi hain
sochte hain kabhi
aapke har soonepan ko mera sahaara mitaaye
aapki har har aansoon main meri muskuraahat bahe
aapke har gham main mera dil jale
aapke har ghav main dard se aankh meri bhar aaye

kabhi sochta hoon ki meri bhi to aasha itni hi hain
Khud hi aap main samaa jaaon
aap na mili to khud hi mit jaaon.


Samyak said...

oye delete those 2 comments... first !!
we are getting nice links otherwise [:P][:D]
and.. u r forgiven for such crappy writing giving consideration to ur mental(Err..) state or may b lack of it [:P][:D]

arpana said...

lo, dono nikaal diye , aur thanks for forgiving me master ! :P