Tuesday, March 28


That is the emotion top most on my mind now.

I happened to search Google for a certain "G" who was once my classmate, and is now in Harvard. She has a minimum of 18 hits to her name , all listing out the various accolades she has recieved and the research she has done.

I tried the same with my name , but to NO AVAIL :-( I am soooo very jealous ! I want to be known, to be recognized, and I want Google to give umpteen hits when i search my name :-(


Samyak said...

J and G(irls) go hand in hand..
its quite natural !!

Can G write so beautifully??
can G be d bestest of her frends??
can G be d sweetest of person??

and can Google find such persons.. if not then wait till dey come with tool !! [:)]

arpana said...

@ Sam ! that is sooooooooo sweet ! >:D< thanks so much for making my day today !!!

payal said...

@ Arpana ... I really dont think you shld be jealous of her. I mean, she's not such a great person. And u musnt be jealous of ppl u dont like. seriously !

Dexter said...

hey! atleast you shouldnt be jealous of your lil bro :p whos a boy genuis!!! he he