Thursday, March 30

Now you Know

Why mom tells you that strangers are bad !!!

A message in hi5 from a certain "D"....

Dear Friend,

One day I was browsing the hi5, that time suddently I got ur id from the site, So I would like to be ur frined and a partner for sharing and caring. well let me introduce myself with you and then u decide.

I m a 32 yrs guy and working in a software company in C####### but I m K#######.

Regarding my hobbies..... I m a gr8 music listener and really I m passionate abt music of all types. I love fotografy a lot and food. yaamm.

I am sending you this mail to have friednship with you. I must say u that I m very commited to the relation and if I promise then I keep my promise but dont worry I usually don't promise. :P

So now I m gonna wind up my mail over here and waiting 4 a reply from you with ya cell no. Till then Good bye, With warm Regards

Chennai, INDIA
Cell - *****-*****
I mean , just what DOES he want here ! Im still ROTFLAMO !!!

Well, just one doubt - kya ye "S/w Engg ke naam pe ek kalank" hain? as my frnd Lalit wld put it or all S/W Engg like this and the ones who are sane , are the exceptions that Ive met?

Still ROTFL man !!! hilarious !
Except for the fact that hes made a total "kachoomar" out of most spellings and that's one thing i hate !
One Tip ( not sure how useful it might be , though) :- If someone wants to be my frnd, wants to send a stray love note, or even a compliment , puhlease keep it error free, im trained to look at only errors in my field of study, my job description requires me to just look at the missing eyebrows of monalisa and not the enigmatic smile she's supposed to have. So u score a brownie point if I cant find an error ! :D

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Sayesha said...

//So I would like to be ur frined and a partner for sharing and caring.