Thursday, May 11

Between Jobs?

My friend needed to choose amongst the soooooooooo many job offers he's got

My manager's moving to another job and says she is considering between 2 job offers

My friends keep moving jobs

This is the placement season coming to an end

I've just got a promotion ...

So What do we look at when we decide to move from being that college kid to that officer Gentleman?

don't know about the rest , but this is what I look for when I decide upon a job ... I've got quite a few offers , but I've decided to stick on to this company for one or the other reason listed below

and one more thing , a job is just not that , its a career choice , ladkiyan ( usually Indian Middle class mentality - I'm not speaking even for myself , so pals don't get offended) to shayad 3-4 years kaam karengi and will settle down with family , but a male in an Indian society is expected to do much more than just that - you will have atleast 30 years of work ahead...

1. Job Profile - dekh abhi shayad chota hain , but how much growth does this position offer and in how much time - shayad abhi high profile lage , but that exp / profile might render you useless for any other work down ur career

2. Look at the burnout rate - I know I sound foolish in this age , but I've seen many ppl being affected by this syndrome of burnout - extreme stressfull jobs , odd hours , no social interaction , task-master-hitler kind of a boss is a no -no to me even if you give a crore rupees a month ... my burnout will be lot faster , burnout can also happen by sudden shift in the place & people .. i.e. checkout the burnout factor in you and seeif you can handle that

3.As is the saying - beggars cant be choosers , but if you can choose , then choose well, job satisfaction IS important , im not saying no , but will not help without money , because money is also an important factor of job satisfaction - don't look for initial chunk - look for how raises are given , see how many times a year raises are given , what is the criteria fr these raises , is a bonus declared? if so how and on what factors for the basis for this bonus , how much percentage of your Gross can you earn as bonus? What are the other perks being given , non monetary issues like providing transport , accomodation etc also count

4. Job Statisfaction - No use if you have learnt to bake an apple pie and you are asked to peel potatoes .... look for what u enjoy doing the most ( professionally) ... in the choices given to you , which job doing think will make you happy at the end of the day .... being grumpy at the end of each day or heading towards the bar to drown your frustartation at the end of the day wont help you much in life

5. Other factors - like if you want to pursure higher education , is the company comfortable to that idea, or say , non monetary - non relevant immedaitely to the job kind of factors .... check all that ,

No one has ever found a perfect job waiting out there for him/her, for some it is resigning and rejoining in a kind of trial and error basis , others do some systematic search and look for meaningful oppurtunities, and some try and make the job they get as their perfect job ....
Some give importance to money , some to satisfaction, some to nearness to the home , some to hiuger studies, some to designation , so it is finally upto you what YOU want ... I can say what I would like you to do , but that does not mean , you would enjoy doing that

And yet again ,
No experience is ever an utter waste, if you do not like a job , atleast you have some experiences and learnings that have come out of it when you deide to cheange the job ....

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