Thursday, May 11

A game played out of context

A telugu film song based on a game similar to I-Spy or Ice-spice (as is generally called among kids) suddenly evoked emotions that I prefer to lock up and throw the key in the marine point (or-watever-is-that-deepest-point-of-all-the-oceans)...

Suddenly bringing into focus all those faces which Ive vowed to forget, all those memories which Ive deemed to have buried. The facade of practicality slipped , but just .

veeri veeri gummaDi panDu veeri pErEmi
daaguDumootalu danDaakOru veeri pErEmi
idi manushulu aaDe aaTa anukonTaare anTa
aa devuDu aaDe aaTa ani telisedepuDanTaa
ayyO ee aaTaki antE lEdu gaa
ayinaa lOkaaniki alupE raadu gaa

meant to be a song that juxtaposes love against hatred and the classic "man proposes, God Disposes" proverb in the movie, this song , in a cab , on a crowded road , on a hot summer afternoon , filled with dust and smoke ... took me away for a moment into a land of desolation and despair ... told me the futility with which life is led ... the unwavering light of hope lit in the eye of a hurricane , the same end which we all deny , but every moment , every day walk towards the very same destination ... preserve and value moments as they fleet away, talk about eternity , all the while feel insecure about mortality ...

Call me a pessimist , give me a you're-crazy-for-the-moment-it'll-pass-away-dont-worry look, because i saw my dad pass away in my arms , call me anything, but this is a moment , an emotion,which i needed to capture , no .. not capture , throw it out rather , im keeping too much within these days, and GOK I can do without such extra unwanted moments in my life...

yevariki vaaroka teeru chivariki Emoutaaru
painunna devuDu gaaru mee teliviki jOhaaru
bandham anukunnadi banDaga maaruna
dooram anukunnadi chentaku chEruna

And yes , in case you are wondering what these lines are all about ...

here's a rough translation

Who is it that I spy?
The expert in hiding , who is it that i try and identify?
this is a game played by men , is what the world thinks
its a game by the Gods is a truth that into none sinks
Aiyooo ( equivalent of "Hayee" in Hindi)
this game is to be played until eternity,
never tiring it is though to men .. (them i pity)

Everyone is an island unto themselves, what will happen of them
Oh God sitting in the heavens, your intelligence is to be praised, (for)
a relation dear to (me) , today has become a rock
a far impossibility today has come near (to me)for me to love and to be raised.

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