Tuesday, May 2


Bound and Gagged , i found myself lying in a stinking filthy place filled with human remains, i look around , i find nothing much rotting limbs, oozing putrid remains , my cheek is on the floor, i stir myself to a sitting position and find that i was lying in a pool of blood and water , Im not hurt, it must be the blood of these bodies around me ... it stinks and i dont want to breathe in the stale air, try and hold my breath, but its of no use , i have to inhale this rotten fumes, that block my lungs, i choke , cough but its of no use , i just end up inhaling and swallowing more of this putrid air and the waste floating around me in the blood-water river around me.

I think , no i cant , i pull myself up , i try to think , i strain my eyes , and as far as i can see, its just the dead, the putrid dead, the waste and the rotting remains, I realised with a start that I was the only living being in this whole land of the dead , and I wondered why.. for how long i sat there , i know not, how i survived the ordeal of all the horrors of that dead waste land i know not , to see a hand floating next to you , with 2 fingers missing and one half gone , to see it detached from its body ... to see the powerful current of the blood-water river rip apart an already ravaged body revealing its rotting innards to me made me vomit my intestines out. i survive all these , not knowing what the future has in store for me.
One day , i know , Oh i know the horrible truth of it all , i know the end of my life, i see my end as clearly as i wld see someone else's end, for that end isnt mine really, but then the very truth spells out the fact that its my end as well... im dead , though not dead entirely, i could as well die rather than see myself dying, but the evil goddess Fate has written that I the poor bystander , must witness death, my death with my very eyes.
I see him , he is niether gagged nor blindfolded, his hands havent been tied up and he walks freely , but then he is bound by a force of which i know not ..

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