Thursday, September 7

sagar mile kaunse jal main

When I was a kid , I religiously believed in luck and some happenings that were supposedly lucky ...

jaise ki when a eye lash falls off ... you get to wish for something and the wish gets fulfilled ! the irrational kid that I was , believed that this tiny eye lash would carry my wish to someone who would grant my wish !

I also believed that if you go under a bridge when a train is above , its good luck .. I still feel good when that happens , though my uncle tells me Im lucky that no one's ever shit on me when I pass under the bridge like that ... wierd definition of lucky there !

Well , time passes and people grow up , Ive sure grown up , I longer believe in santa claus , no longer believe in God ( well, in a sense atleast , doesnt make me an atheist though) , no longer believe in Luck , if there are some things I believe in , it is these :

Murphy's law ... " if something can go wrong , it certainly will"

Aah also this one .. " if you can change something you dont like , go ahead and change it , if you cant , then stop the fcukin cribbin and live with it"

And this one , my friend told me this to cheer me up , and by Jove , did it not ? **smiles** - "opinions are like A$$holes , every one has one ... if you like it , lick it , else fcuk it"

I know im sounding real harsh , but hey , its a free country out here ! But then , my real post has long got digressed ...
My post was supposed to be sugar , spice and everything nice , but now has ended up being sad , bad and everything ugly .. damn !

Back to the nice stuff ... as I was coming to office today in my cab .. I passed by the planetorium , and suddenly found myself wishing ....

My mind immediately conjured up a list of things that I wld love to do ( that I did once with my dad and grandad) but now , wld love to do with someone special ..

#1 Love to visit the planetorium and watch the artificial stars & look at them with all awe and happiness ... ahh beautiful!

#2 Love to visit a park and swing on the jhula there .. higher and higher , back and forth , back and forth ... with that someone special pushing me higher to reach new hieghts ... It was our fav past time (my grandad's and mine)

#3 Utter sheer nonsense , shout and sing at the top of our voices , fall back laughing at the lyrics and the tunes , kiss the person singing with you with complete love .. ( me and dad loved this one)

#4 Ride a bicycle ... ( esp my mona darling) ride it faster and faster until i start sweating and the sweat makes my clothes stick to my body , then ride it on a down hill path and hear the wind rustling through your clothes ..

#5 Play Lagori and marakoti , fight and tear eachother's heair out while playing .. evokes childhood memories .. ( lagori - a game played using 7 stones , marakoti - means " tree - monkey" and involved climbing trees)

#6 Sit curled up with an Enid Blyton book and popcorn with your friend , giggle at all the funny passages and share the naughty ones :)

#7 Pretend you are one of the Famous 5 and try and solve stupid mysteries ( i always was George in the FF)

#8 Visit Goa , Kanyakumari & Egypt .. all on a huge - humongous holiday trip :D

#9 Kiss someone fully on the face with complete abandon in a crowded market place even though you dont know him , just because he's cute looking ! Give a naughty smile and walk away.

# 10 Pillion ride a Harley Davidson with the hair blowing with the wind ... stand up and shout out to the sun and the nearby fields ...

# 11 Sit in a semi-open air coffee shop on a weekday when its drizzling and look at the people hurrying past when Im lazily sipping the capuchino with a book on the table .. playing with the rain drops and / or sit in a garden in a similar scenario , except that i wld love to have my head in some one's lap then ..

aaahhh wishes ... bas itna sa khwaab hain ..

however, when reality struck ..

Just when I thought this was the lowest life would throw me , it just showed me otherwise ....
Just when I thought , I cld live with myself , my sense of incompletion told me otherwise


ketki said...

the last lines r really nice!

arpana said...

@ ketki , nice? they were meant to be sad ! ne ways , good u liked it

@ anshul .. grr , there's that word again :D well, im kinda pessimistic , so i always believe things will go bad ! :)

Di said...

lovvvely wishes ..made me wish them too.. ;)