Sunday, October 1

Its that time of the year again

A ragpicker that I am ,
Riches avoid me.
A heretic that I am ,
My Lord deserts me.
I lay down on the floor of my wretched home
Waiting for death to visit

150 posts and almost 2 years later , Its that time of the year when I feel a pause in this blog is warranted. I dont know for how long but I do know I must stop.
The same way I stoped talking to DD after I got "her" back .

For sometimes , we spend so much time talking and listening to the noises of the world that the importance of silence is lost upon us.
I for one , have got constantly so used to this noise , this cacophony , that now my ears long for the sound of silence, I want to hear silence , feel it weigh heavy on my ears. I have spoken so much to myself that now I want to stop. And the first step would be to put a break on the way this blog is going.
It has become a manner of addiction , not because people read what I write , not many do, but because this blog has become something I would not want to say out aloud , lest the spell breaks.

In this navratri , when the whole world rejoices ,
Death , dances at my threshold.
In this deepavali, when lamps will be lit,
Darkness will pervade my home.
This festival , when the streets overflow with flowers,
Stench will seek refuge in my heart.


komal & naveen said... speak my mind again...when you write down those lines..... but i need to express i will keep on writing...

Anonymous said...

One respects the decision that you've taken. Take all the time that you need, you deserve it. May peace be with you. :)