Saturday, May 12

Attention - Mushy Post Ahead -err.. almost

This is the result of
  • Di's post

  • The number of sickeningly sweet songs that the radio is doling out in the past few days

  • Ranny's say that I cant go all mushy - the bliaady moron called and did his version of laughing ( though I think it sounds more like a seal trying to call for help when its nose is stuck in a snorkel)for more than half an hour when he read my - " i shall write about love" post.

  • The Dark Lord's ( and you thought only children were influenced by such books) take on my love life - which he says is non existent -basically because when I was "made" by the 'creator' HE forgot to include the emotion-o-meter in me.

    So all you doubting thomases out there ... bilaady better shut your mouths - dont let that projectile of spit land on some unsuspecting hapless human out there while trying to laugh at my post.
    I shall write a mushy- mushy; lovey-dovey post .. so sugary syrupy that after reading it, you will be running to the nearest hospital to check if you have contracted diabetes already ( can anyone "contract" diabetes - oh what the heck - you get the point)

    After reading the post - you will either
    a. Reach out for the fone and call up that girl/ guy on whom you have a crush and ask her if you can get laid that night - The im romantic if i get laid types
    b. Reach out for the fone and place a call to Dawood Ibrahim and ask if he can kill JustSo for a sum of $10 - The bloody hell - Ive had enough Bollywood movies to poison my brain , I dont need you adding on types
    c. Reach out for that fone, order yourselves a bunch of red roses, and imagine that Hrithik Roshan sent them to you - The I love Danielle Steel's books types
    d. Reach out for the fone and call the ambulance - Damn! He/ She reads the post and goes insane, and Im stuck calling the ambulance types :D

    So now that I have the objective ready - now for that post - Love .. aah , love ... err.. love ... *clears throat* .. lo-ve .. can we do this another time? love eh? hmmm ... lets just watch terminator for now; lets think of love later (wow that rhymed - later - terminator)

    Di said...

    Readers and readers..lend me ur eyes..u can have them back in a minute....I am absolutely NOT responsible for this post!!! :-/gadhi...mere pe blame kar diya sab kuch..also Im the chair-person of the Anti-mush brigade mujhpe mush ka aarop nahi daalne ka!! :(

    Bullshee said...

    You missed the 'Love-is-so-overrated-f**k-it-all-i'm-a-bludy-cynic' types???!! You missed that one!!Without it, I'm afraid I just can't relate to your post! :D

    arpana said...

    @ Di - actually; blame nahin kiya bachi ( thanks for calling me a gadhi there :P) tumne nahin likha, to main ne socha tere anon mail ki pyaas main bujha doon :P ( ye alag baat ki likhne ke liye mujhe bhi kuch nahin mila .. research jaari hain junta)

    @ bulshee - the love-is-so-overrated types like u, shall be converted by the Great JustoAmma to one of the a-b-c types above, and your roomie to the d type above :D