Friday, May 11

Here Goes - Friday Post

Attn - Rant Mode - [ON]
Di had an anon requesting her to write on love. I never get requests like that! Maybe because I only write write morbid stuff. So much so that M read my last post and spoke about it to A.
A calls up and asks me - "kya yaar, sun ne main aaya hain tum itni dard bhari daastan likhti ho ki koi padhle to painkiller industry ka to kalyan ho jaaye"

Okay Fine. So I do write morbid stuff. So I do get fascinated by darker emotions ... there, now go and sulk about it, as though I care :p.
[End of Rant Mode]
Now, lets get down to what I intended to - write about love.
Okay, now, stop rolling those eyes, you will lose normal vision if you continue rolling them like marbles

hmmm , what does it mean to you guys? tell me, and I shall put up what I think of the emotion that has fascinated Bollywood/ Hollywood and all other woods so much, and given employment to millions around the world - yup, I aint joking -
Think of all the greeting card companies, soft toy companies, gift wrapper companies,chocolate factories ( not the willy wonka types), and most important of all - the condom companies (im sure Ive left out many more - like after love if it is 1. marriage - the divorce lawyers' thriving industry or if it is 2. suicide - the rat poison industry)
So tell me - whaddya think of Lllooovvvee * winks, and flutters eyeslids coyly*


Bullshee said...

its over before it started!!???more!!!!!!!

Di said...

eeeeeeheeeeeheeeee..that was wat i said wen i read this. :D :D

The Dark Lord said...

Love to me is you ... my dahlin :p
I love you

Ranny said...

you and write about love? sheesh! thats hilarious ; and the dark lord loves you? whats wrong with him? He's marooned alone on an island or what? he loves you? * walks away laughing*

arpana said...

@ bullshee - more shall come to those who have patience

@Di - dekh liyo aage aage hota hain kya

@ the dark lord - I choose not to even reply back to the comment - Im pretty sure nisha dumped you for calling her up drunk at 3AM and have no one else to flirt with - hence the comment.

@Ranny - thanks so much for boosting my image - just what I needed THANK YOU hmph !