Friday, June 15

So much

I miss you.

So much.

Those songs sung off key while you shaved,
Your constant need to keep drinking tea or coffee,
That pelvic thrust filled dances you did to make us laugh,
That Egyptian pose you struck and called it "Z",
The trust you placed on me,
That love you had for me,
The concern in your voice,
The phone call you gave me unfailingly at 2 to ask if I'd eaten,
Those silly jokes you cracked,
That leg pulling over my future husband that you so enjoyed,
Our bitching session on our managers and professors,
That joy on your face when I achieved something - albeit minuscule,
The gossip we shared about our relatives,
That bisi-bele-bath, palao and all those tasty somethings you cooked
Those not-so-tasty ventures for which I was the guinea pig,
Our fights over who's right,
Your annoyance when I emptied the petrol you'd filled on one of my "trips" on the two wheeler,
Your chidings to take care and go slow,
Your voice saying -"top villain" or "Ananth",
Your scrawlings of phone numbers on every newspaper,
That “aren’t you asleep yet" holler when I spent late nights on the computer
That "change the channel" when a condom ad played on TV
Your smell that overpowered me when you hugged me,
Those “I want to watch Kannada” tantrums,
Your surprise gifts and let’s get junk food moods
Our impromptu antaksharis
The sorrow when I got hurt - that statement that you had ready " you fall down and scrape your knee and it hurts me" everytime
The "Im there for you",
The " You are the best - you will do it"
The " you are MY daughter - I love you"
The faith you had in me
Your presence at home

I miss you -
So much.

Happy Father's Day dad.