Saturday, June 23

kitni der tak, kitni der tak, kitni der tak

First - excuse moi for all the weepy weepy drudgery filled moorse and morbid pervious post. Too much to take I say - mille excuses for the headache, bellyache, nausea and / or general pessimsm in life. A thousand humble apologies I say.

Now I begin on general directionless rambling

Ohkay, So exams are round the corner, and the heart beat rate has just gone up by 37.8369%.
Im accurate no? Very - yes.

So when the author ( wow! sounds awesome to call yourself that) decided she should study for the exams, even the electricity board got surprised. and so surprised they were, that they decided ( this aint a surprise) to cut off all power at home.
Junta reading this - get up - do a " this happens only in India" jig a la Govinda.
Thank you - now you may take your seats. "to where?" you ask? Oh - To the Arctic circle. Antartica is my country/ continent - dont you dare set foot in there.
So while the rest of the world was blissfully unaware of the severe crises the author was going through, the author (me!me! me!) slept in a dirty-dinghy-mosquito infested room which she calls her haven. (forgive her - she does not know her spellings - she spells heaven as haven).

On a related note - My ceiling fan ( yes - thats what the poor people of the country still use. They are not obsolete - not "they" poor people, the "they" ceiling fans) got back onto the ceiling again - Oh forgive again - the author forgets that she was so caught up in an emotional Tsunami (Tsunami -occured last time when Adnan Sami jumped into the swimming pool from a board that was 6 ft high) that she hasnt told you that one night, her fan decided that it has to adhere to Newton's laws. Gravity helped her (yes - the fan's a female) in the trick. So when the clock struck an insane hour at night, the author heard an earth shattering noise right next to her. The author grunted, sighed, used the F word liberally, turned around and saw that the fan which was on the ceiling just a few minutes ago, had decided it needed a name change. The author rolled over, grunted , used the F word again, clutched her teddy hard and slept - she woke up only to her mom's shriek of
" ohh the ceiling fan fell??? and you werent below it? you are still alive!!! this is a catastrophe!"
What some moms do to get rid of that 'ghar main jawaan ladki hain' zimmedari.

But now, the fan has been adequately coached about not being a part of the crowd below - the dresses and the books are already are elbowing each other and fighting for space ... hence it would be airy for it stay up above. *looks at the fan thats smugly smirking at the blog post from above*

Back to business as usual, the author happened to visit a restaurant which had this awesomely cute looking handsome man - she's declared a hefty reward for those who get his number, a heftier reward still for those who get him to fall in love with her. The author and friends conspired together to take the snap of the cute guy.
(the conspirators - esp the one dressed as Santa - arre, in red & white baba - it was his kind camera( see that professional looking thing on the table? ) that decided to do the good deed for me.)

(The cute guy)

Though some jealous males will call him nerdy and un-cute ( wow! I have a huge dictionary) ... but then, you are plain jealous.

Err... ummm ... Its been atleast 3 hours since I began randomly writing stuff here, so I guess I'll end at this. Anyways, I always have more time to write more crap.
A thousand humble apologies for the abrupt ending.

Oh, and irritatingly, this song seems to have applied a huge amount of fevico to itself, its stuck on my lips for the past week - pray pull it off if you can (esnips - courtsey- Sakshi (else the author would have to hunt for an Mp3 widget in the cyberdom))

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So right now - Im going "kitni der tak" when my VP calls from amreeka, kitni der tak when my Indu asks me to accompany her to the loo, kitni der tak when my mom asks me to get married, kitni der tak when I need to shout at the idiot who's driving in the wrong lane .. kitni der tak when errr... u get it.
*kitni der tak, kitni der tak ... kitni der tak kitni der tak, kitni der tak ... kitni der tak kitni der tak, kitni der tak ... kitni der tak kitni der tak, kitni der tak ... kitni der tak kitni der tak, kitni der tak ... kitni der tak kitni der tak, kitni der tak ... kitni der tak... kitniiiiiiiiii*


Lalit Singh said...

Doing the 'this happens only in India' jig thinking about shilpa shetty dancing closeby. :P

PS: The widget isnt showing properly. Duno if its a problem only with me.

Ranny (ran away?) said...

ye cute hain - kitni der tak

BTW - this is a punju kinda song; ur mom knows u are excessively into Northie stuff? The last I heard she was this close to disowning you :P

nasia said...

I hope he reads this post.. and comes into ur life.. :-)and then stays forever.. Fairy Tale!!!!

Sakshi said...

Now, i have 'this happens' stuck in my head. Hmph.
I can't get it out.. GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

And the geeky look is cute. I agree!! Are number mile toh fwd kar dijiyo :P

Dream Catcher said...

ha ha ha arpz..that is too good!! ur random writing is better than anything...

n plzzzzzz b like this ..last week post was kind uuuhhmmm :(

arpana said...

@ lalit - Shilpa to gayi Richard Gere ke saath :P

@ ranny - My mom's already disowned me - she's put me up for adoption

@ nasia - then in that case - do me a favor - go to Mc Grath with a lappie ( opp Balal) and show him the post :D

@ Sakshi - welcome to the club - your "ye mera deewanapan"refused to leave my head for the next few days :D

@dream catcher - err... I mood loves those swings in the park out there :(

Bullshee said...

So the nerdy look is in eh?Maybe I should chuck out the contact lenses and dig out my nerd glasses!

You're such a voyeur!!! There is some kinky in you, after all!And you're friends too!!! P.S-Glorious rant!I enjoyed it immensely!

Phoenix said...

cute to hai...but itna?
waise, agar chalta hua fan gire to it falls tangentially, so u cd safely/sadly be right under n not be hurt.
so, studying already, madame?

arpana said...

@ bulshee .. Im not a voyeur, its just that I appreciate beauty where I see it :P

@ Phoenix - with lotsa experience ( ye cieling fan, pahle bhi gira tha - and I was almost under it then), lemme tell u this - since the damn engine of the fan is so heavy, it wont fall tangentially. It will fall directly below.

Zee said...

ooooooooo cute guy! not as much as mine though :)

The Black King said...

Okay, so now I know why these cameras keep appearing from all around when I'm moving around! :P

Feel kinda sorry for the ceiling fan --- suicide mission not accomplished! :) Anyway, hope you're okay now. That song was nice.

nasia said...

Have to tell you.. As beautiful as you write yr poetry . M dying to read more of such stuff from you.. :-)

justSo said...

@ zee .... no one's as cute as the one who loves us. :-) happy u found the "cutest" :-)

@ TBK - Hurrmmpphh!!!

@Nasia - So you want to read my poetry or this random stuff? explain!

Di said...

i love the song tooooo..:) had heard it only once on tv(thanx to monopoly of mom and sis on the remote) but now loooove it soooooo much its on my phone playlist
and the guy's not bad at all..way to go girl! ;)achha hi taste hain apne arpz ka.. :D