Tuesday, June 19

For the Past Two Days

A sleepless night
Tossing and Turning
An aching heart

Another morning,
Endless pile of work
An aching heart

Moonless night
No stars in sight
An aching heart

Routine takes over
Work Ahoy
An aching heart

One phone call
A moment of realisation
An aching heart

A cacophony of words
unheard silences
An aching heart

Rude interruption
Harsh Realities
An aching heart

Meaningless existences
Unwanted love
An aching heart

Unheard affection
Unspoken fears
An aching heart

The final sentence
The careless scatter of unspilled tears
A Broken Heart.

To begin,
Another moonless night
Another routine day
And a Broken Heart.

[Edit - http://focusingtheunfocused.blogspot.com/2007/06/moment-of-contemplation-and-then-you.html]

[Edit 2 - Overheard in a rare moment (with negligible edits) -

Talent, Ive learnt the hard way - is no measure of happiness
If someone could give me enough happiness to even last for a day, I wld give up everything, my success, talent and intelligence.
If someone could give me true love even for a second, I wld even kill for him - that’s the way it stands.
Because, im at a point where money or position, talent or knowledge doesn’t matter anymore I already have them and even if I lose any of it - I can rebuild it
The ONE thing I do need right now is happiness that’s the rarest commodity available ever and even if it is for a minute when Im with him, Im happy - truly and totally happy
When he asks "Okay?"; I can never say No because at THAT moment, when he's asking me the question - Im nothing but Okay.
There are no worries then at that moment it’s only afterwards that the real world hits me.

No wonder they say sometimes Strangers are dearer than the dearest.


Bullshee said...

Could I suggest an angiogram?
[I know I'm a jerk to humour you at the most sentimental of moments, but I couldn't help myself!]

DreamCatcher said...

wish someone can heel this aching heart..
itni saari baatein..u think too much..n i thot m the only nerd...
kisne khula choda hai tumhe

arpana said...

@ Bulshee - its humor that keeps one going. Else the world would be too depressing to be a part of it.

@ Dream Catcher - sorry for this - but my QA eyes can only spot mistakes //heel this aching should have been heal
That aside *sigh* now for what you said - The "wish for heal" is the mistake we commit. The wishes and the expectations that we hoard only bring more pain. Its easier to let go of hope than pain - thats what Ive learnt... hopes keep coming to naught. Pain is more reliable - always stays with you.

The Black King said...

Yes, life is tough. But the fire that burns you will also leave you tempered like steel. Do let us friends know if you need anything.

Dream Catcher said...

aah!! cant help my typing mistakes..
u will get eventually addicted to this..i guess so..:)

yup true..living with pain is becomes much easier to live with..at least u dont have to run all the time from it...

Bullshee said...

P.S- write ur funny stuff!I don't care how you get in the mood, but do it!
Go have a drink!
Smoke a joint!
Just do it!

Chitrangada said...

saddy poem thi :(

why its broken heart in the end
why cant it be heart with shinning smile :)

but i like this simple wrd with deeper meaning

nasia said...

WoW!!You blogged those lines..I thought they were just part of our chat logs..
Hmm.. Beautiful.. though i hate to see u with an aching heart..
And Y is Bullshee misleading u, with all his "ideals".. u dont smoke joints ok!!!

Di said...