Wednesday, July 4

In the Meantime

I'll be back - have some extra huge workload - next post only on Sunday

In the meanwhile - ponder over these

- Almost got married on my birthday - got a couple of rishtas on my Bday - rejected one and supposedly thinking over the other - will you get along with someone 10 years older than you? err.. caveat - he earns over a lakh a month!

- Almost died on my birthday - someone please tell my cabbie that its a fucking car and not a Airbus 380

- Almost became a murderer on my birthday - slogged my Ass off working on my Birthday and had N questions about why I was not "enjoying" myself and working instead driving me insane - making me want to kill the next person who asked this.

- Got mentioned on Sakshi's blog and the number of hits to my blog soared to 3 people visiting it a day instead of the usual Zero.

- Checked the tracker and found that people come to my blog in search of "Ravi Shastri's Personal life" and " nude girls in saree" wow! that just shows my sheer writing genius!

- Have a exam at the IIM on Saturday - and the interesting part - we have a cocktail dinner after that- told mom I intend to get stone drunk in the cocktail dinner - mom shrugs and says - just dont take the two wheeler that day; you dont get good mechanics now a daya without batting an eyelid! here's hic! to my mum hic!cheers!

- Spent entire nights talking to my dear dear dearest friend *muach* (I'll leave the rest to your imagination) and enjoyed making him go bankrupt making ISD calls :D

- Thinking of changing the blog layout - wat say guys?

- Watching Life is Beautiful and playing Demonstar while Im supposed to be working and studying.


- thank ye all kind people for wishing this ancient archelogical wonder a happy budday, it went well... and Ishpecial apologies to Bulshee for losing his number :( choooo cholly mah man! this will never ever happen again :)* a hug for that * ( hopes bulshee doesnt get crushed )

Edited : Zee beta Im not shutting shop permanently - padha karo beta jo likhti hoon :)


Dream Catcher said...

hmmm so i can claim the gold..whadd ya say...

well seriously change the layout..!! bhagwaan ke naam pe..

Dream Catcher said...

or beta kisko bankrupt bana rahi the be...
batao bato chupati kyo ho..ha ha

Bullshee said...

thank you thank you!all is forgiven!
The golden question I have for you is: How can girls be nude in a sari???????????????????????


nasia said...

yaa. change the layout!!.. i expect u replied with who's this? to bullshee`s happy bday msg.. hahha!!!COOOL COOOOL mom u hav got,wowowow.. happy birthday Arpz once again..

Phoenix said...

1. Sab kuch almost
To bday pe kuch bhi nahi bani??
2. Layout change karo puhlease
3. Hit count 0...kitni digits kha li as pas ki
4. Get a life, or become a wife.


Shek said...

i visit your blog every day :D

Sakshi said...

Arpz- Toh next few gold mainu de a thankie :P
And you did not become a bride or a murderer on you r b'day... toh maje ke liye kiya kya?

Zee said...

my god u make me sound demented! i think this is badla for me spreading the rumour that u're tying the knot!!! heheheheh maybe i shud start off on that again!

i get scared u know. u did shud shop pehle bhi!!!

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

and yes pls change template

ani said...

hey sweets! yes yes yes new layout! :D and ur lucky it wasnt ravi shastri wearin a sari! lolz!

all the very bestest best for the egg-jam! and a very happy birthday sweets!

Dream catcher said...

yaar also put a tagboard na..spam ..spam khelenge

Di said...

a little late..but Happpy birthday to uuuuuuuu...:) :)

and take care baba..kis kisko maarti phirti hain!! Ur mom does rock.. :D

Lalit Singh said...

You've Been Tagged. Details are here.

arpana said...

@dream catcher - u can claim it - just pay the bill as well please; and bhai hain yaar jisko bankrupt kar reli hoon, koi aur thodi na mere liye bankrupt hone utaawla baitha hain?
aur ye tum bhagwaan ke naam pe aise bol rahe ho; jaise MG road pe khada ..err... u kno

@ Bullshee- Next time - we'll have a questionarie for people who visit my blog about this - wat say?

@Nasia - thanks so much and yeah I did send a whos this to Bullshee!

@Taru - //4. Get a life, or become a wife. ye best hain - I wld rather get a life - wat say?

@shek - please leave the trails behind in the form of you comments - my tracker does not pick up people who dont comment :P

@Sakshi - maje liye beta - wonly my idea of maja is a li'l different :)

@Zee - demented? ye kya cheez hain behna? And dont you spread that rumor again ! didnt u read what Taru's written? (//4. Get a life, or become a wife.)

@ Ani - you have a point there - a very valid point I must say :D

@ Dreamcatcher - beta itne velle ho ki teen teen comment chode? ya mere blog se pyaar ho gaya aapko?

@Di - mera bas chale to kis kis ko na maaron? *sigh*

@ Lalit - aapka Tag sar aankhon pe - kar denge.