Monday, July 2

Shutting Shop

Shutting shop for the next one week.
Get your daily fix elsewhere dear addicts :-)

And if you have to be here, spend your time listening to coupla of Dad's shave time songs :-)

10 - Mera Pyar Bhi...

09 - Do Sitaron Ka...


Lalit Singh said...

Nice songs... very melodious

Zee said...

what the hell!!! u shutting shop again!!!!!!!!! oh mannnnnnnnnn

Dream Catcher said...

ooh hanzo jaisi per waali naaei...hope to c ya soon :)

Chitrangada said...

second song is my fav :)

tumhara bday tha :O

bataya nahi :|

happy birthday :)

Arpz said...

@ lalit - thanks man!

@ zee - only for the next few days - kaafi kaam hain yaar :(

@ dreamcatcher - //naaei nahin beta
naari :P

@chitrangada - bataya to tha beta - aap mera blog theek se nahin padti :(

Di said...

do all dads have songs they keep hummin?! mine does too...some ancient pre-historic mallu song..i can never remember it! :P