Monday, July 9

Really Quickly

Lalit and Shek I shall do your tags in sometime.

I would particularly love to do Shek's tag - but not now. When I have the ability to think clearly. A lot of stuff has actually happening with so much speed and confusion that I believe there is some kind of a blitzjkrieg happening in my life. Dunno who's gonna win though.

I almost have an idea about how to do Lalit's tag; but my attention spans are not allowing me to sit down and write something coherent.

In fact, nothing seems coherent at all - what with the impending assignment ( immediately After the exams I wrote this Saturday) and a long string of deadlines at office and some travelling that I will be doing to Mumbai and Delhi.
Add to it a dash of being unwell and some viral fever, PMS mood swings and there, you know the mood I am in, right now.

However, Really quickly, answer these questions for me.

1) Do you like this new layout - because, me for one, dont.
If you do - leave a yes, or let me know if I should revert back to the older one, or make it a nice plain googlistic sorts with nothing but a white background and black letters ( its one among the three only, so dont give me ideas on pink background and floroscent green words on it - please for christs sake)

2) This is especially for people who do not know me outside of the blog.
What kind of a person do I come across on the blog? good? Bad? Ugly? what?
I tried asking a couple of friends who read the blog and got the usual answers ... what I want is not the usual, what I want, is what you really think I am, when you read what Ive written.
[Edit- for people who know me outside of the blog - tell me does the blog represent me or a person totally not me? Does it exxagerrate who I am? Does it mislead who I am? Does it say something I am totally not or does it mirror me?]

3) Please explain the word "Standard" ; not standard as in "Fifth grade" or "second standard" ; but as in aukaad, haisiyat, (in south indian languages - houda, anthasthu). Need to know if Im wierd or if the world is.

[Edit - I guess the couple of early birds who read and commented on this found this Question confusing - coming from me, I guess it would have confused a lot of people ... I meant to ask this - do you benchmark people on money? on education? on culture? on place of birth?
what?on what basis would you consider yourself better than others?what would you be measuring that person on? I know its a silly question to ask, but well, things have a curious way of springing up, dont you think so?]

PS - People who visit my blog but dont leave a comment usually, ( i know you are hiding out there :P My tracker tells me everything ; including your habits of scratching your behind when you read my blog :P) please do leave a comment behind. I need this.

Thanks for completeing this small survey.
Bbye until I can figure out if I can convince God to have more than 24 hours in a day - somehow it doesnt seem to be enough at all these days.

Until then - ciao, sayonara :-)


Bullshee said...

1)I like this layout, just rethink the back ground colour....grey is dull,no?
something bluish and greenish?
2)I think i've been disqualified rom answering the second question, being a regular reader
3)I didn't understand the thrid question!Whats it in context to?

p.s- whatever u change your lay out too....keep the functionality of the Comments Box popping up, and not like the old one of redirecting you to a separate page....

Lalit Singh said...


1) Do you like this new layout
Yes, I like it over the prev one.

2) What kind of a person do I come across on the blog?
I think it explains u fairly well. Someone who is writings bits n pieces. juggling the different things in life. Like a regular person making ends meet and some more.

3) Standard (what a weird Q is that)
Standard isnt actually a synonym though it may be used interchangeably with it. It would imply as benchmark for something. Maybe even status.

Phoenix said...

1. layout better than the last one.
2. Chatter box. :P
Sweet bubbly very silly girl with lots of things to aask and an anxiety to know.
3. Cant define. It's the thing separating one person from other, the person that person is,
what a weird Q.

Shek said...

Alright, survey-girl

1. I like the new layout more than the older one because the older was so much stretched and hard to follow. Posting comments was a slight pain too. This one is uncluttered and lets the readers concentrate on the text rather than having to look for the comment box. That could also be the reason why I would visit your blog but not always comment. You see, it is a psychological thing.

2. I suck at answering that question. The blog colours are neutral though, so it is open to take up any hue ot texture your words throw at it.

3. You are probably talking about stereotyping/halo effect. Some people do it more than the others. I try to not do it at all, but sometimes you are left with no choice.

Sakshi said...
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Sakshi said...

1) Do you like this new layout
I don't! I think it is dull. So not you (or what I thik of you from your writings).. but I will prefer this over a plain B/W one.

2) What kind of a person do I come across on the blog?
Since I have never met you in person, I can answer this without getting the usual pow- dhishum- bang :P
I think you come across as an intelligent girl who writes on various subjects eloquently. I actually feel as if you hold conversations when you write your normal posts. And your poetry blows me away - am surprised that itni chotisi umar mein aap itne gehre vichar kar lete ho :P

3) Standard .. aur Aukat..
Had me reciting ekdum philmi ishtyle dialogs.. but srsly,are you weird? No! Then if the world is normal, I think you and I both are.

Delphic said...

I like this layout more. Grey (any shade of black) is my favorite color.

You are a much better person for others to judge you. Seriously.

Standard for me is how you talk, or rather how you project yourself in front of people. Money can make you rich but not affable. Education can instill fundamentals but they are nothing if you cannot express them.

Sakshi said...

After a lot of thought, I answer question 3..
I don't consider myself better than any one. Just different than most. I measure people by their deeds. Money, education, culture, place of birth are all irrelevant. Only if you walk the talk, you measure up in my eyes.

Dream Catcher said...

1.hate this layout more than earlier this only in ur stack lady comments already now i knw something of u

3.obviously world is crazy...
city city bang bang

Ranny said...

Arpz - wats wrong? I never thought you were one to seek opinions.

Well anyways - I dont know if this is a fall out of the nuclear scale arguement you had with Diwi, but I shall answer your questions.

1. I dont like this layout much - I liked the oen you had earlier and then u later on in a dramaqueen style shut it - the arpzgenius layout that is, see you can have it back.

2.No. The blog does not do justice to you. You may put up snaps and you may use strong words, but this blog can never be you.I dont know if you will delete this comment, but let me write it - atleast you will read it - there are many times I have wondered why the anger, why the disgust; there has never been once that I have seen you really smile. Your eyes betray most of what you think, but not why you think what you think. This blog shows what you are in a very diluted fashion - it removes the cynicsm , pessimsm, yes the usual cheerful banter is there, but it lacks the punch that one can see in your eyes when you are angry, sorry to say, the words you use do not do much justice to the emotion you have. You can write much better and more intensely, but somehow choose not to. I dont know why. Yes, this blog does show you as ugly - a person who takes things in her stride, a person who has nothing wrong in her life,it doesnt speak of the darker side, and even when it does, it is jest and not a serious talk. So this blog is you - but a much diluted you.

3. Standard - if this is an outcome of that dialogue we had - with Diwi, " nee anthashtu enti, naa anthasthu enti" ... it was long back, dont know why you want to pull up things and fight again.
well, anyways, your ways of measuring standards, though not always right, has always given you the right set of friends ( me being the best :P) so I guess your standards are good standards, but you could do with being a little less cruel about "standards" with people.

Finally - as a back bite - why dont you ask your " I know her" guy more about yourself? why do you have to put up a public forum?

Ranny said...

PS - I just noticed that the " I know her" post is gone. So, he no longer knows you or what? " knows her" that statement itself was hilarious though - walls and all :P
Did you shift delete it? if not, send it to me, I'll read it when I need a good laugh

nasia said...

1)I dont like the new layout. Try out the other 2. and we will choose the best.
2)Do i know you outside of the blog?I do right??I think you come across as who u r. so it doesnt mislead. Does it exagerrate? hmmm.. maybe yes, but in an enjoyable way
3)I benchmark people on their intelligence, thats the first time i meet them[not that i like it]. Bench marking friends are a totally different category

hope you dont write/update this blog due to some mindless comments of mine.

The Dark Lord said...

HEY dolly ... wats wrong?

parawaledu le - here's the answers

1. dont like this one - make it plain googlistic

2. stupid Question - stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself these questions, you dont need anyone passing judgements on you.

3. if it is about our arguement, I thought it was over - emmayindi?
if it is not... then, my answers remain the same as that day when we had the talk - my standard is how humane you are , everything else comes next.

One more thing - your mobile is either switched off or busy, not sure why - but no matter which bank you are robbing, make sure you rob it and no one gets to know about it :)

@ranny - I think you are plain jealous, that someone else said " i know her"

Ajith said...

1 . Yes..Actually I didnt like ur old layout at all.. :)

2. I'd say, u r frank.. Good and bad depends on perception.

3. I benchmark people on their maturity and understanding of the world :)..I often equate people whom I meet in this aspect..But thats just for improving myself.

ani said...

1 - Layout!
Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig No! It's very sad and grey and dull!!!!!! Do sumthn interesting (i asked dad once to make me sumthn interesting and he made me an omlette stuffed with leftover rice!!!)

2 - You come accross as a crazy freaky woman who has a vast admiration for life!!!!!!! :) luv ya sweets!

3 - Standard: "Beauty lies in the eyes of the BEERholder!"


Di said...

#template: like this one..except seeing more posts at a time is a bit nicer...

#abt u: a blog has only wat u are able to put in words...or only the aspects u allow to be know. And yet..a glimpse of u seeps in to the reader silently. So with this info..i think u'll b a real fun person to know...someone who loves to laugh, at the world and sometimes at herself and someone who has a huge heart that is a perfectly normal roller-coaster of emotions :)

#standard: ??