Friday, July 20

What day is it Today?

There are some days, when you think you have crossed all the limits there are, when you think you can do no more, exhausted and broken, disfigured and dead.

And then there are days when you are raring to go, when no limit seems enough, when all you want is everything, when every hurdle is minuscle compared to your strength.

We all have our share of days.

What day is it today for you? Whats your motivation to keep plodding ahead inspite of everything?

Oh - and had to mention this - happened to pleasantly shock mom!

As some of you already know - Ive been diagnosed with various forms of irritating diseases ;

I say irritating, because one of them restricts eating any fried food, spicy food, junk food - basically any thing that makes one actually want to eat it for the next six months.
And yes - Im fed that diet of porridge, milk and bread, day in and out - I really feel like committing suicide :( I cant stay away from junk food boohoooo :(
(and among those whom I havent told what Im suffering from - yeah suffering without REAL food - guess and you get a pack of Lays :D )

I decide to go out to work - and my mom thinks Im not eligible to step out of my house (she begins her usual routine of tears, fears and anger - blah!!!) Im adamant and I tell her I can decide what's good for me and Im not a kid to be told about what to do and how to do everything for chrissakes!

To cut the long story short - there's a huge argument, emotional blackmail and some sulking.

Finally she relents and sighs " When have you listened to me? Looks like Ive given birth to another freedom fighter - forever independent - do whatever you want to! Who am I anyways? Someone who happened to give birth some 20 odd years ago? THAT sure doesnt count much - does it?"

I look at her, think of a retort - but instead, something clicks in my head there - remember Im already delirious with fever and pretty tired to talk back real time....I need to recoup my energy after every uttering!

I walk across the room, give her a big hug and kiss her fully on both cheeks and congratulate her.
"Congrats mom - you , have given birth to a thinking and a fully functional human being, and not a parasite - thanks mom, for not turning me into a zombie who obeys orders"

I have a huge grin - a most genuine one that is to accompany this statement.

Mom is dumbstruck - she was never, in her wildest dreams expecting this.
Well, after the initial shock and numbness dies down, she sits down, and begins to laugh.

We share a nice - mom-daughter laugh, and I promise her to take off from office the minute my deadlines are met , and true to my word I havent been to office on Tuesday and Wednesday; I will be taking off this Monday as well.

Well, she acknowledges I have responsibilities to fulfill, and I understand the concern she has ( even if time and again she decides I need to be put up for adoption by aliens) ... the key lies in balancing both of them in a practical manner!

Mom - you Daughter Loves Ya!
And Mom - Thanks again - for this fully functional grey matter called brain :) *hugs*


Zee said...

yes moms are the best. the relationship u share with them are priceless. and the fights add the spice to both your lives.

i too take a day off and take mom out for a movie at times...usually out of guilt for being a bad daughter and being stuck up with my life...but the time u actually spend with mum in such unusual moments are really the ones u treasure the most :)

The Black King said...

Nice... although I do sometimes long for my mom when I'm sick :(

Di said...

hee hee hee...if id have hugged my mom..she'd b very very suspicious.. :-/

Bullshee said... chweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettt.....[thats how women folk say it no?]

Sakshi said...

Aila! Gandhigiri!!
Sahi hai!

ani said...

awwww...... :) cho chweeeeet!!!!!!! (i knw i sound exactly the way bullshee thinks women folk would sound!! but that's jus the way i feel!!!) :DDDD

Strider said...

to the first q:
there is a third kind isnt it when u are neither raring to go nor exhausted. my day's been all about running round and round and not getting a single thing done! :(

abt maa-beti-lad-pyar
:-) sweet!