Tuesday, August 14

If Music be the Food of Fools ...

After a totally devastating day yesterday, I decided to make most of the night ;-)
and when the nerd in me decides to make the most of a night, it means, I pulled up a chair, stood on it, pulled out a crate of books, selected the most nerdiest of them all - "Auditing theory and Practise" and immersed myself in it.

Nothing more than a nice playlist of songs in winamp and a good auditing book to help you soothe those ruffled feathers.

Anyways, since I can already sense the yawns the mention of auditing will bring about, let me talk about the next best thing - thats the music on my play-list.
I usually have a (u guessed it ) a morose play list which contains songs like

-mere naseeb main ae dost tera pyaar nahin
-mere naina saawan bhaado
-careless whisper - (George Micheal obviously hasnt studied the Indian market -he doesnt know Carefree and Whisper are the words here :P *chuckles at that PJ*)
-ab jo kiye ho daata, aisa na keejo - agale janam mohe bitiya na keejo
-hazaaron khawhishein aisi
-dil dhoondta hain
-koi humdum na raha
-aaye tum yaad mujhe
etc ... you get it - the likes - it helps me set a mood for my morbid writing.
Yesterday, though, I felt the need to change some songs on this play-list. I usually listen to the lyrics AND the tune so the lyrics are a must - if I cant "feel" the lyric, the song is out, and many songs have heart rending lyrics and are sung by equally talented people who could make the Joker weep in agony - you would have no Batman then!
*imagines Kishore da bringing the joker down with his mere naina saawan bhaado"*....
Sheer singing geniuses.
Exactly the reason I needed to change the playlist. I needed no more tears - I actually hate to cry

"Pushpa, I hate tears"

So here's what my playlist looked like

-Cash meri aankhon main
-Naughty naughty- sexy sexy (Cash)
-No excuses (courtesy Tapan)
-Norweigan Wood (courtesy Tapan)
-Lakdi ki kaathi
-Mera Pahla Pahla Pyaar (Courtesy Sajid)
-Bol na Halke Halke
-Raag Shivaranjani , Raag Todi, Raag durga - the Flute Rendering by Hariprasad Chaurasiya
and the likes
Now, i sang along with
cash meri aankhon main cash mere nostrils main, cash mere mucus main
I danced wildly to naughty naughty and hit my ankle and broke the bed
(no matter what I did, I swear it was better than those 3 female chimps choreographed in the song... It looks like thechoreographer got high on crack, copulated with a chimera and decided to replicate the movements in the song *shakes head*)
I brayed along to no excuses and made wild sitar strumming gestures to norweigan wood,wailed out loud and noisily to mera pahla pahle pyaar ...
well, you know . the kind of stuff you do when no one's looking and you fancy yourself to be the Diva of the world? yeah - exactly, I did that.
(yeah - you may ask where are the other humans who live in the home? My mom took off to her maayaka in a frenzy of anger and excitement - so I have the whole house to myself, not that Im complaining, I love to be alone)
By the time the playlist played bol na halke halke, I had danced/gesticulated/flung away/brayed away my frustration of the day and was tired - emotional drain and the physical strain seem to have taken the toll, and was on the bed ... half asleep.
My mind conjured up a wild imagination of bol na halke halke, a decent version of which I shared with Nasia...

the song is so dreamy and beautiful, that for an instant, I was in that nice utopian dreamworld. The song ended and I slept, for only in dreams do you get what you want.

PS - After the last few comments on the earlier post, it is evident that there are worse people than me. Atleast I leave a name for the person to @#$!@#$!@# to when I leave a malicious comment behind on someone's blog. Maybe the guy/ girl got a kick jacking off when posting anon comments *tee hee*
*sigh* anyways - my thick skin does not allow anon comments to pierce through to my granite interior :P


Zee said...

interesting that u listen to the lyrics and the music....wonder if everyone feels like this....i usually just listen to the music and registration of lyrics takes place so much later.....

nasia said...

i love seeing my name.. in print.. :-)

I hav the blessing of having a room all to myself all day long... so basically every 10 mins i break into a song and dance if.. i am awake ie...

Whatever ur mood.. how could u listen to CASH!!!

and abt the comments.. heheh! 2 much

Sakshi said...

Ignore the squeeking anony-mice! Why waste your energy of stupid jreks?

And btw - next time pliss to be casting your performances live? Is gaarib ka dil aur pocket bhar jayega.. khi khi khi

Di said...

oye wo cash wala gaana...as annoyin as i find it ..i still cant help humming it! weird...
and gaane..i am a lyrics person..if i listen to a song and like it then i just HAVE TO know the lyrics ASAP :D

Still searching said...

Haha! I had exactly the same kind of experience sometime back... had one of the worst days in a long time, and then came back home to dance (prance) around doing what I call my when-no-one-is-watching moves, and completely de-stressed!

I also happened to name the post something similar!


Arpz said...

@ Zee - the lyrics are of paramount importance to me :D

@ Nasia - *smiles* the song seemed okay over radio *shrugs* wat can I say *shakes head*

@ sakshi - dil aur paakit? paakit kaise bharega melaawwrrd?

@Di - im like - "listen to the lyrics" and then dhyaan de tune pe type of a person :D, and yeah - cash mere armpits main, is a hummable song alright :P

@ SS - (that sounds like calling Hitler's crony - SS .. teehheee) yeah I know, muzik always soothes :)