Tuesday, August 21

Invasive Music

The songs that have invaded my mind since yesterday.

A song of 'could be's and 'are not's ; a reminscence of everything happy and a reflection of everything sad.

A song of regrets and lonliness, a song that makes the waves of sorrow lurking within the heart rise to a crescendo.

Saagar Kinare By Lata

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Two different days, One song, two different emotions - in a span of two weeks. Is it possible? I say it is.
Some communities say its bad for a girl to look/be immensely happy just before her wedding - they say its an ill omen.
Sometimes, songs like these just tell you how happiness is coated with sorrow from the within, and how shortlived happiness is before the anger and sorrow shows up.

Ye Galiyan Ye Chaubara - Prem Rog

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Now its love, now it isnt. Now you've forgotten it, now you havent.Now its yours, now it isnt.
Peace! Where Art Thou?

Meri Kismat Main tu Nahin - Prem Rog

Meri Kismat Main Tu Nahi
Meri Kismat Main T...
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Mere Naseeb main Aye Dost tera pyaar nahin - Do Raaste

Mere Naseeb Main Ae Dost - Do Raaste 1969 - Kishore Kumar
Mere Naseeb Main A...
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Do you believe in life after love - Cher

Cher --do you believe in life after love
Cher --do you beli...
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Finally, a song of longing, want and desperation. A song that makes you believe love never dies, just lingers on, to torment you in the death as well.

Mere Naina Saawan Bhado from Mehbooba - Lata

Mere Naina Saawan Bhadon
Mere Naina Saawan ...
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Songs, and the power they exude on one. *sigh*


ani said...

music is after all the soul's keepsake! :)

Arpz said...

@ani - truly said girl

nasia said...

Do u believe in life after love by Cher! Hmmm...
I thought i am the only one who feels so moved by songs inspite of not knowing to hum even a single tune...

nasia said...

Listen to mere mitwa from this link.... hmmm... awesum lovely sonG!