Monday, August 20

Of NBA Tours,Bankruptcy Claims and Fevicol thick friends

After the 50th post on the 60th year of Indian Independence,the 51st will be random lines about people whom I call friends.

What happens when the blog world meets the real world?
You get to watch a movie exchange popcorn and make random amusing jokes and oneliners.
Nasia, Bullshee and Arpz happened to meet up for a movie. What with Bullshee cozying up between the two ladies, he got to eat both caramel and cheese popcorn, while hooting at the bald and sexy afro-american lady :P in Rush hour three. (I hope Bullshee doesnt kill me for this).
Good movie, great friends, awesome (and expensive) popcorn makes it a jolly good time together.Nasia looks stunning. Yeah she does, Bullshee as his Fan Association at orkut will endorse this statement, looks sexy *tee hee* So, while we plotted revenge against a particular male and made bitchy comments about another female, we forgot to be awkward on a first time meet. Everytime I meet someone from the virtual world, Im usually awkward the first few minutes, but not with these two darlings here - we hit it from the word GO!

What happens when you know someone inside out that they almost become your alter ego? When you need a brain transplant and the doctors do not know where they can find another brain thats as crazy and fucked up as yours?
Ask them to kill him. For he and I are two bodies and one identity.
He's the most handsome man whose ever walked the earth for me - and I'm err... ahem .... the most friendy-friend who'se walked the earth for him (rather made huge craters in an attempt to walk). We uncannily have gone through the same situations together, have had the same questions to ask, the same girl for a friend, the same emotional 'trauma' to deal with ... he's the one man I can talk scandalously and expect a flat voiced "thats saying something lady"
He, ladies and Gentlemen is my friend from school, whose nose at one point of time I had vowed to break- (remember that graffitti on school walls buddy?), he is someone I call my bhaiyya and at the same time flirt outrageously with. -"tu haan to bol, main kabool bol doon"
He is the man whom I'll ask
"kal teri biwi tereko belan uthake maaregi to woh bhi kya tu mereko batayega?"
and he'll answer
"abe! aur nahin to kya? aur kisko bataonga be? tereko hi phone karoonga"
He is the man whom Ive driven to bankruptcy with my Smses that read
call now / can you call now / I need to talk / im damn suicidal, call me/ watcha doin
and he'll call and I'll wallow in his affection until his balance runs out.
his moments of enlightenment that he shares with me, the questions to which he doesnt have answers, but attempts to answer them for me, his voice that says
"ek baar try maar liya, dont try funny stuff again, I need you here lady"
and his To-Do List which Ive handed over to him
"1.walk down to Newyork, stand in front of a certain building and scream out - "aarree agar maa ka doodh piya hain to baahar aa kameeni!" and duel her
2.Take a flight to a certain city in India and stand in a locality and scream - "abe! agar tere bachon ko tune doosh pilaya hain to baahar aa kalmoohi" and make her cry
3.Take yet another flight to another city in India and barge into someone's house, and scream loudly - (anything this time) - the guy will meet his end by hearing a high decible noise."
His habit of pointing out the obvious answers, his way of putting things into perspective.
Allah Talah! Boy! Am I glad I did not break his nose back then at school! :)

What do you do when you realise that you need a man with similar PJQ( Poor joke quotient)? What do you do when you need a practical head on your shoulders? What do you do when you need the no nonsense behaviour of a man and an "I empathise" bitchy gossip of a woman?

You meet this man. This man, according to me, is the most eligible bachelor in the scene yet.
(Everytime I say this statement to my mom, she looks at me with expectant eyes - always wanting to hear this statement immediately after former - "and Im in love with him" )
But seriously, in all seriousness, I say this - he IS the most eligible bachelor in the scene right now. He maybe no Prince Harry or Now married, Now available Brad Pitt, but he aint anyless. The IQ, EQ and the impeccable table manners make a lethal combination, along with his salary (my eyes go - $ $) and his irresistible sense of humor and his affinity to PJs - he's the man. And, he reserves his humility and uses it at places where required with such finesse that humility becomes something through which he shows his flamboyancy
He's also the eternal mood-raiser, the ever-ready to help friend, the Quizzical genius ( only after me though :P)
Okay - why am I sounding like a matrimonial advertisement for him now?
To cut the long story short, here's one shoulder I can always count on, and one brain what will have a PJ and a Quiz question ever- ready for me. Not to mention the open invitation of Vodka and Peach Schannps :)

What do you do when you feel that one mom isnt enough, and you arent getting crushed enough by the embraces of your family?
You decide to make friends with C.
C whose infamous babu was potrayed in the earlier post ... the most motherly friend Ive ever known, always burying the hapless victim in her bosom, stroking the hair - thereby effectively destroying any attempt to have a good hairdo, dropping her salty tears on a brand new salwar-kurta so that the salt stains remain on the dress like a faded dropping of a crow on your shoulder, doing all the crying for the person in question, that the person forgets her own sorrow and spends time nursing C's emotions back to health.
C, my friend C - what would I have done without you if I had not apologised for my boorish behaviour back then some 4 years ago?

And then, what do you do when you want a family other than your own to treat you as one of thier own?
You become best friends with her. Another C, not to be confused with the C above ... is one of the most lovely, lovable, beautiful and the most wonderful human beings Ive ever had the luck to befriend.
To say that I know her inside out, would be the understatement of the year. She was my mischief partner, now is my confidante, she has the hots for the people I like, we used to spend
time bitching about girls at class, now we spend time bitching about imaginary/long lost/ undeserving scoundrel boyfriends, and equally bad peers and bosses at office.
when you have known someone from the 3rd grade - kept in touch through thick and thin of your life, there isnt much that the other doesnt know. Fancy castles, make believe worlds, guys and growing up dreams, reality and heartbreaks everything is shared and held precious by the other.

Friends, I guess are the people who make the wonderland real for you, else Alice would have had to lead a mundane existence in a bleak world.


Di said...

ur friends are absolute gems and so is ur frndship..touch wood! :)

Zee said...

why wasn't i invited!!!! :(

nasia said...

Wat can i say.. hmmmm.. first of all.. this is the BIGGEST compliment ever.. and 2nd of all whose is this most eligible bachelor!!
And ya,.. wat wud we do without friends!

Sakshi said...

Ohh.. So nice! The last line says it all. I once joked to my friends that if I ever said all I want to say about them, I would end up writing another thesis!

Sajid said...

i'm truly honored......dunno wat else to say........feel bad though for not bein ther for u.....but now i guess its easier for me to com bac..........thanx to a certain sombody whoz last name is the same as a certain friend if yers.:D ....boy i sure love mysteries.:D.......

Raviraj said...

honoured woman :-)

Bullshee said...

I'm sure naz looked lovely, but did you have to exagarrate about me!!??? :S

Bullshee said...

@zee:we're going to see The Simpsons those flight tickets....

Arpz said...

@ Di - touch wood, touch wood! wanna come along the next time we go to a movie? :)

@ Zee - as Bullshee said - book those flight tickets :D

@Nasia - aah ... the man's all blushing that youve been asking about him :D

@sakshi - trust you to say the right thing! Surely we'll all be doctors if asked to write about people we love :)

@sajid - yeah - do the point 2 on your to-do list soon enough !

@ Raviraj - damn! I call you the most eligible bachelor and you call me a "woman"? u cld have called me a girl or even a lady :(

@bullshee - but you did look dashing :D and when are going to watch the Simpsons? book those ticks

Raviraj said...

Apologies m'lady, I was giddy from all the praise tiny brain couldn't cope up with the praise:-) .hehehe

nasia said...

When did i ask abt whom? ?? *Confused *

@ Bullshee: Did u hav to exaggerate on me.. hahahahha .. hahhahaha.. GoD~ i thought u were confident...

Arpz said...

@nasia - lemme remind you gal - "and 2nd of all whose is this most eligible bachelor!! " :P