Wednesday, September 12

Another Decision

Should I? Do I? Will I?


What is my denominator?
What if I dont have a denominator?


I cross my arms across my chest and sit mum. I refuse to answer. I am atleast entitled to silence


Raviraj said...

Should you ? Would you ?
what ?

ur other post is too big too read so freaking early in the morning

ani said...

we are all entitled to our silences... and it is not necessary to have a common denominator...

some do and make a big hoolabaloo about it.... most say its ur value syatem... i say look deep within damnit! 'what values????'

my denominator keeos going and cmin... but each time it has come it has had something to with laughter! :)

chill sweets... take a breather!

arpz said...

@raviraj - dont worry, it aint about "insular" or "deleterious" - that IS happening. Some random lines written ....

@Ani - *smiles* lets get out and get drunk.

Bullshee said...

WTF? Only words you would understand?

arpana said...

@bullshee - there are times when one needs to be cryptic. Dont you think so?

nasia said...

Cryptic hmmm..
Silence.. yaa i m yt trying to find out wat tat means..