Thursday, September 13

The Child Within

Nice to see under all that "professional" veneer and office talk, jealousy and back-biting, and "I'm an adult" shield, there still is a child lurking within.

Nice to see middle aged men and women giggling like small kids over something as silly as the fifteen minute exercise sessions that the company conducts for the employees as part of its "health awareness".

Nice to know people can laugh genuinely, even if it is only for those fifteen minutes, without an ulterior motive provoking them.

If only the truth and genuine-ness spilled over in all aspects of life.

PS - Do not want to do the nautanki of "closing" / "shutting down" again; cos I know I wont, and that threat is now old.

The blog will see only such "small" posts going forward ... not sure I want to post anything else. (Doesnt mean I wont do the tags :D)


Chitrangada said...

its basically "ADULT" within ourself that bulley CHILD within us so whenever ADULT is away then child within us smile in giggle :)

Still searching said...

Oh yeah... its always good to see people when they can let go of their ulterior motives, scheming and manipulation and just be natural! And its a rare event, this!

Zee said...

u mean short posts???

The Black King said...

Oh yeah? Do my tag!

ani said...

:) jus a smile! and next weekend is being kept deliberatley free!!!!

arpana said...

@chitrangada - guess you are right

@Still Searching - yeah I know - and thats why you must enjoy the moment when its there

@ Zee - short maybe, cryptic too; and more of fiction.

@ Ani - Aai shapath - next weekend for sure.