Friday, September 7


No one Loves me.
Not even me.

Now I hate myself all the more.
I forgot my brother's birthday. Kick me someone, and hard.


Liquid Oxygen said...

this shall pass... don't worry :)

Sakshi said...


Ouch! I broke my leg! Now I hate you too ....

It's ok. Brother's forgive stupid mistakes! After lot of pain, of course :D

The Black King said...

Oh thats fine... don't worry! Go and give your bro a good present and he'll be happy.

Zee said...


Arpz said...

@liquid oxygen - yeah, after a H-U-G-E hole in my pocket, it happened to pass

@Sakshi - et tu sakshi? and yeah - pain and brothers go hand in hand

@TBK - wat do you think an elder sis who earns a rupee a day is coerced into doing?

@Zee - the Right word used at the right time babes :)

nasia said...

Ok i am starting from here.. i feel like i have a back log to read.. :).. and i start..