Monday, September 10

Sixty One

A Perfect Monday - you wake up and find yourself just wanting to take the world head on ...

Situation that led to the perfect Monday - Two days at the IIMB.

Not the days that go this way but rather the wonderful Finance Classes.
yeah you heard that right - nothing short of bliss than to listen to words like financial analysis, balance sheet, p&l, take out your calculators, whats the balancing entry etc etc etc - more on that later.
Give me Finance any day over Marketing and I promise I'll build a temple in your honor.

A not so perfect mid-day - you go to office and realise you are slotted for a 3 hour training on Emergency Response and spend the three hours looking at random fire extinguishers and slides that show gruesome shots of fire and smoke billowing out from 'name-the-place-and-there's-a-fire'.

A quickly sliding down Noon - you feel sleepy after all that veg nooodles that you ate.

A last resort to salvage the day - open an excel sheet, open the equity value calculations you were working on, open the worksheet quality metrics that you were building, open the team's bonus calculation sheet, minimise all of them, open spider solitaire.........

If it doesnt work - well, open and do this tag

Rules: (copy-paste job) -

Here are the rules:
- Players, you must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of their middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.
- When you are tagged you need to write your own blog-post containing your own middle name game facts.
- At the end of your blog-post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag.
- Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged.

Middle Name - Of course - Genius.

G - Genius

E - once I made a mistake while spelling Effervescent; aah, there, now, Ive done justice to all those sheets of carbon that helped me write Effervescent 8300 times :D

N - the lone M&B book I've read in my life ( make me read one more and I'll either kill you or commit suicide - who the fuck called these M&Bs books anyways - kill him) educated me that Nondescript girls win the guys over the stunning ones :D

I - People around me will vouch for my eccentric Idiosyncrasies ; how else will you explain a pride in showing off all the scars one has gotten from all the tom boyish acts done all through her life?

U - the prof (poor guy) who happened to teach me marketing could get only one thing through my thick skull - every one should have an Unique Selling Point. Any questions then on why I decide to advertise the fact that I have enough flab to distribute it to all the kids in Somalia? My USP will take me places (like Somalia?)

S- Angrezi doesnt have a word that reads sanki but then, who ever reads this blog will sure know what it means :D

I pass on this instrument of warding off boredom to








(PS- if you are wondering about the title - its the sixty first post in this blog)


ani said...

and you are a darling! :DDD

ok i beat u! i've read only half an MB in all my life!!! :DD

And marketing ain't so bad luv....!!! :DDDDDDDDD

Bullshee said...

Mills and Boon....never ventured into that part of the literary world....
those books are meant for gurrrrrrrrrlss...yewww.....[that was the 6 year old in me talking]
i'm not doing this one!for one, my middle name is waaaay too long and embarrassing and two...i don't wanna..........

Raviraj said...

I ain't diluting the intellectual level woman ! Though I shall complete your tag !

Sakshi said...

Bah! M&B's are where my new stories are going to go :P
Will do the tag. Will prevent me from falling asleep at the bench :)

Di said...

i read one M&B in my life (maybe 2) and its mind numbingly disastrous effects have kept me away from them ever since

nasia said...

I am gonna get a M&B book ASAP.. i wanna read the fairy tale.. of the ugly girl gettin the guy..

Btw.. is it too late for me to do the tag.. Mohammed... thats my middle name.. i think i will die.. :)