Tuesday, September 11

Finance it is then!

Sit down to work on a deadline, and suddenly the mind is befuddled by random lines

Breathe not the air of my city traveler
Set not a foot in the ruinous alleys here

Fumes of jealousy have poisoned the air
Stench of rotten corpses lurk in street corners
Coagulated blood shall hold you in its vice
Shards of a broken heart shall pierce your eyes

A battle has been fought here, warring chieftains lay dead there
The ego has triumphed and the love has been slain

Breathe not the air of my city traveler
Set not a foot in the ruinous alleys here

It’s a cold and lonely night out there
Come sit by me, warm yourself,
next to the fire

The pyre of my love still burns bright
The flames shall cackle all night.

will I never be alone?
I crave solitude

Forever refusing to leave my side is this moment
This moment of ages ago, the moment when I fell in love with you

a big Thank you and a nice hug to Prasoon who kept company when no else would bother about me ; thank you there dude :)
The finance classes at IIMB have made me happy beyond anything.
I love finance, and thats an added incentive.

The classes took me back to a time when dad was the banker, when decisions was something that adults took, when my cycle was my most prized possession, when the innocence of age made dreams look plausible, when my best friends were sitting right next to me giggling over my silly jokes or a good looking guy, when the most funny thing was the prof's inability to say an "R" after a hard consonant (his research was pronounced reseeche - he made up the lost R with extra Es), when the only aim in life was to answer the costing question before that irritating boy in the second bench did, when Gantts charts and Emerson's methods were the only 'difficult' ways bonuses could be calculated for non existent workers, when budgetary costing was a topic in a subject, and so were equity offerings and bond valuations, when profs called us 'kids' when CA was the be all and end all, when the bloom of innocent love was the most wonderful thing to happen - of shy dreams and stolen moments, when internet was available only in cyber cafes, when being told 'excellent presentation' was the highest point of life, when small fights were fought to sit on the 'cieling fan end' of the bench, when friends were just friends - people you could make mischief with, people who were just a few minutes away on a cycle, who stood by you like fevicol - even when you made a mistake, who called you 'dolly' or 'ent-ra',who fought for you one on three because someone made you cry, who passed silly chits in the CST class, who took the brunt for you in the Corp Law class, who did your homework for you because you were too 'busy' eating noodles with the man in your life, when ten rupees looked like a hundred thousand as you waved the note under your friend's noses and took them out to eat guvavas,when your friends' moms cooked nice stuff for you to eat as you stayed the whole day at their place for 'combined study', when your friends fought as to who should tie the friendship band first on your hand, when you recieved atleast a dozen greeting cards and equal number of roses on valentines, when you bullied your juniors, when you beat up that guy who dared to follow your friend home, when you had racing matches on your cycle, Sweet Magic and Hot Breads, friends who named each other Tommy, Jackie and Jimmy and made up silly songs like "oh tommy, tu meri sapnon ki kuttiya", when your prof told you he would love to have a daughter like you, when you stood peering out of your class windows nose stuck to the grills watching the men battle it out for some random girl, when the funniest person you'd seen was your sanskrit ma'm and the most bold thing for anyone to say was "I love you" esp if said in front of more than two people, when your worth was decided on how many marks youve got, when you sung "meri chunar ud ud jaaye" on your way to college,when you woke up at 8:30 AM to realise that you are at class and have missed the Company accounts class, but your friend has managed to jot down the entire class not only in her book, but yours as well, when you did not read a thing for the weekend exam, and copied from her paper - just to realise later as the prof handed out the graded papers that youve not only copied the content, but the name and Id number as well, when the marks depended on your handwriting...

Aaaahh, Finance. I love finance.


Raviraj said...

this is like the paki singer who sang "college ke woh din"
nice :)

catalyst said...

good lines

and what followed them.........touché. such well chosen subtelities, and nicely put :)

Still searching said...

Firstly.. I looove Finance too!

But Finance reminded you of all those nice things?!! You must REALLY love it! Hehehe... Lovely images you conjured up in the post!

Di said...

:) one of the nicest posts ive read! made me imagine u as a kid :))

nasia said...

i m teary.. i swear.. :( wanna go back to school..