Wednesday, October 24

Turn it on

Its the dark sarcastic humor that turns me on the most.
A man with whom I can wage a battle of wits and at the same time giggle at the "naughty" yet dark jokes.
Keeps life interesting me thinks.


On a totally unrelated random note:
What is it about marriage that makes people go all starry eyed? A colleague just passed by, I bet the irradiant face lit up atleast the whole corridor if not the whole shop floor. Nice. Very Nice.

Unrelated, random note 2:
I dont care. Really, I dont. If anyone ever thought I cared, even an iota about anything, they need to re-read the definition of a cynic.

Unrelated random note 3:
No, the change in the position doesnt bring any change in me. I continue to be who I am. Behaviour at certain places may change. The level of frustration might too. The frequency of waking up in cold sweat in the middle of the night wondering if Ive sent that report right may change too. Not who I am.
If you expect me to change - well, read Random Note 2.


Zee said...

there's somethign abouut being in luv...not about marriage

catalyst said...

aha ! you do care about sending that report right :) ........and that, thankfully, seems to be the biggest of your worries ;)

Diwakar said...

please please please reply back to me .... I cannot think of anything else at all

Aiswarya said...

I dont know why, but i think the same as you, the dark deep joke. But no1 seems to understand it. Deprevation!