Sunday, October 21

bas itna sa khwaab hain (?)

Back to the blogging world with a little fizz Ive created a couple of new rules for meself (these shall remain unannounced until the need to announce them really appears)

A cute girl named Taru happened to tag Arpz.

Now, Arpz is not the kind of girl who shall balk at doing a tag, in fact, she likes doing tags. So, she immediately breaks the first of the couple of rules (which is not to blog too often and too late in the night) and sets down to do the tag.

Read about the tag's rules here.

So here comes up my list of 5 things I have and would like to have :

1. My teddy bear - I wish I had a bigger and cleaner teddy bear :-)

2. My stupid sense of humor - I wish I had a sense of humor that everyone understood and not just me

3. My independence - I wish I had a more consistent sense of independence - esp in the emotional matters.

4. My Camera - I wish I had a camera with a larger resolution and a higher zoom

5. My dad - I wish he was around today.

While I think up people to subject to this tag; take a look at this pic -

Agreed the pic isnt a fine example of skill and craftmanship at taking pictures and definetly not the one you would want to show in a class of photography and call it exemplary, but this is the pic of the hotel I stayed in. :P

and before you think (using up most of the grey matter there) on these lines ->" what pathetic hotel has so many storeys but such a small room", let me just open your tiny minds to the possibility that this is just "one" of the several rooms that the suite is made of :P

And, now for tagging:

The list is as usual:

1. Raj (who always promises but never does a single tag )

2. Bulshee (who says he never says no to a girl, but didnt do my last tag)

3. Pavitra (who keeps boring me in the middle of the night, start your blog anew girl, and do this tag)

4.Sakshi (who is a darling :D and is enjoying the season of fall)

EDIT: 5. Abhi (a big hit with anon admirers)

6. Anyone else who would want to pick up the tag.


Phoenix said...


im cute im cute yeyy

Chitrangada said...


can we call this tag "hazaron khwahishe aisi "

btw cool n confy room :P

Sakshi said...

Am a darling? Hehhehehee
Was news to me :P
Will do this one asap :)

Diwakar said...


you are not responding to my emails ... please respond, I have told you all there is about my details and my feelings, give me some answer - waiting for you

arpana said...

@taru - yup babes *hugs*

@ chitrangada - kyon nahin? BTW - thats one of my Fav songs :)

@Sakshi - anyone who's my kumbh mele main bichadi behan is a darling :D

@Diwakar - :O abe! from where did you get this blog address?

Aiswarya said...

Good one!!whats the hotel called?!