Thursday, October 18


well, though no one asked, Im just going to ramble off again.

though inbox did not contain any frantic "where are you? the world is on the brink of disaster without you" or " miss you sweetheart" mails, I shall assume that the blog missed me, if not the readers

got promoted, been biji (whoever said the higher up you get, the lesser work you do? - sue him), travelled a li'l, (snaps shall be uploaded the instant I get a moment where people dont go Arpana, this is going wrong - take that *pow bang wham* - now set it right)

Purchased an expensive perfume - the aircraft crew wouldnt let me in - they said I stank worse than their captain's fart .... purchased some gizmos, which have been upsurped by my bro. bought choclates which have all been emptied by relatives, family and colleagues before I could say Jack the Rabbit, purchased a couple of cute trinkets which cousins decided would look cuter on their tight tank tops and hip hugging jeans and skirts rather than on my rather unshapely salwar kameez.

So what did I do? Work.
and some more

until next time.


Bullshee said...

Ha ha ha!congrats on the promotion!

Anonymous said...

nicely written as always !

Zee said...

story of my life.....sighhhhh

Sakshi said...

Yayyy.. she is back :)
And congrats on the promo..

Strider said...

Congrats!! :)

I really thought (and still do) that the higher up you get the less work u do! :-P

Still searching said...

God, its the worst when your life is reduced to just work, work and more work! Glad I'm taking a breather these days!

Raviraj said...

what abt my bottle of scotch ?

Di said...

heyyy..i take offence to that!though i didnt leave a msg i did miss u around..i dunno y though :O and congrats on the promo :)Wish u have much more success and even more happiness ..dil se:)

nasia said...

Promotion! wow!!

luisgonewild said...

would have more luck saving the sweets if u say Jack the Ripper instead..

....R.A.J.A.... said...

what sort of work do you do? :-o

Arpz said...

@ bulshee - thanks pal,

@Anon aka sam - :) sign off with your name buddy *hugs*

@ zee - I completely empathise

@sakshi - thank you :)

@ strider - either, everyone who thinks thus is wrong, or , Im an exception

@Still searching - I love work babes, Im not complaining. It keeps mind off ugly stuff.

@Raviraj - in my stomach -or wait, did i just pee it out? (i know i know thats gross) :D

@ Di thanks babes - koi to hain, jo miss karta hain :)

@Nasia - sorry babes, havent been talking to you

@luisgonewild - you dont know the company keep - they would have ripped me apart for the sweets buddy

@Raja - My colleagues call my salary "charity" I call my job profile "nit picking and nagging" :D