Saturday, November 10

down down and ?

You know things on a downward trend when

You miss the engagement of your friend (17 year old friendship), and instead leave a scrap at to her and jiju (err.. would-be-jiju.)

You forget the birthday of your friend of (a 12 year old friendship) and need to be reminded by another friend, and you scrap him saying " in some timezone of the world ; its still your birthday, so happy birthday)

You miss breakfast and lunch for five days in a row and skip dinner because either a. its too late to eat, or b. you are too tired to even chew.

You forget when is diwali, and are only made aware of its existence when an official mail is sent out from the travel agency who books your tickets saying they are closed on So&So date and will not be able to book those SQ flights for you.

Your friend who usually works insane hours calls up and tells you that he's going home to enjoy the festival, and you are slated to work for the next 5 hours at office.

Your relatives have forgotten how you look, your friends have deleted your number from their phone book, you no longer recieve those forwarded emails because you dont read them anyways.

You promise your friends that you will catch a movie with them, and make them book the tickets, but never turn up - because in the course of doing that PPT presentation, you'd completely forgotten that you had a couple of friends to meet.

When you have a relapse of intestinal infection and refuse to listen to the doc when he asks you to please take a day off for tests because you have meetings to catch.

The nice sweets that your cousin got for you are mouldy and untouched for the past one week

When you look at your wrist watch and say "aah, its still 9:30 PM mom, I told you I'll be home at 11" and your mom goes - damn you its 9:30 PM in Manila; midnight in India.

When your bro asks you to come fire cracker shopping with him, and you pull out a couple of notes from your wallet and ask him to buy some.

When on the day of the festival mom tells you that you havent shopped for new clothes for the kid brother, and you again put the money on the pillow of the sleeping bro, because you havent the time to wake him up and atleast talk to him. Inspite of which bro waits for you at the doorstep even at a time close to midnight without having burst any crackers becuase he's waiting for you to join him, crestfallen face and all you see.

PS - I did burst crackers with bro and contributed to the air pollution, so what if the whole world was asleep and we were the only two shouting our lungs out?

Next update, after yours truly gets back from her trip to Manila.


Di said...

sheesh.....that doesnt sound good at all :(( are u even gettin enuf sleep! :O

ani said...

u need one of these:

Zee said...

miss....get a hold on ur life! work can shouldn't need to...

Fattebaz Admin said...

congrats, you won flogger best blogger award for 11th nov

sparx said...

Excellent..I like the new you !

nasia said...

i like workaholics

Varnika said... have a very sweet brother..