Saturday, November 3

Packaged deal

Browsed through Raj's blog, and saw this post.
Signature Raj, that post is.Straightforward and unbiased.
Hits you where it hurts the most while mincing no words.
Though I set out to write something totally different, and the title should tell you, I'll end up stuffing everything down your unwilling throats, I think its time we actually stood up and owned up to our mistakes.
The first thought that came upto my mind as I looked through all those links and his write-up, was that "bloody corrupt politicians"; the conscience would not let go. "who chose them? your vote" the voice echoed. Every damn politicain is the same; I sighed , the developments in Karnataka (of which you are unaware, then you must be one those M&B reader types, in your own arabia) should reiterate that. "Who made them politicians? " my irksome conscience asked.
Well, the choice of a career is upto the individual - my weak defense.
Did I tell you my conscience is an avid movie buff? It quotes that statement from Nayak about everyone complaining of dirty politics, but no one wanting to do a thing about it.
I agree. I want my brother to do an MBA. Im happy working in a company, the minute whose name people hear go "acha! TV discount pe milega?". I would not want to marry a guy who's career choice is "municipal corporator". What right then, have I to criticise anyone?

While i leave that thought for you to chew on, like a cow chews on the cud;

I shall subject you to yet another torrent of my poem. (Raj who was subjected to the first hearing of this poem has some really nice insights to provide about the interpretation, and as you've rightly guessed, quite unpublishable too :D)

The crease of silks,
The sigh escaping the lips
The moonlight
The silvery night
The night, it refuses to go away.

Thousands of waves, lifting their arms up
Try reaching the sky, to drape the dark satin
I smile at their penance, they never give up
And the night, it refuses to go away

Two parallel lines; run together
The earth and the sky, toward the horizon
I smile at their futility, the moments of togetherness, they try to gather
The night, it refuses to go away

One droplet behind another
Rush out in silent anguish
The light dawns, the strength I try and muster
But the night, it refuses to go away.

(PS - not everyone will get the extremely introspective and unpublishable insights such as my dear friend Raj was enlightened with, but I know, of one person who will. and to that person *hugs*)

As the other 2 of you (cos just four kind souls with way too much time on their hands read this blog) wonder about who that person whom Im hugging above is,

I present to you an excerpt, a very rare glimpse, as rare as Nisha Kothari playing a nun, from my private blog ;
"It doesnt matter if you let go of a hundred "right" decisions because there are times when nothing is right or wrong. What use of a future happiness if Im sad today? My life is here, today and now. I want to be happy today. Who knows of tomorrow? Here and now, I may die. Any moment. I may live to be a hundred and ten too; but how do I know that today's right decision will make me happy on my 99th birthday?Is there is a formula to convert present value of anguish to future value of happiness and compare the rate of return and see which is a better option? Even if there is, I shall discount the future with uncertainty. The future may never arrive. ...............If Im alone and miserable tomorrow, the memories of today shall put back a smile on my lips, for these are all I'll have, the moments of when Ive lived life, for otherwise, I will have waited, waited for something to arrive, and happiness cannot be fedexed, it has to be experienced."


nasia said...

WOW!for the poetry...

Shanks_P said...

The glimse part was good .....