Thursday, December 20

A small muse

Jackie's trying hard to reappear, She hates dolly.


I can't take hints, so, bite me.

PS - 100th post, (few posts and lot of drafts)

PS 2 - tell me this. lately I havent been writing what I want to. what I really write is emailed to the couple of people who *probably* understand. Whats the point in having a blog when you cant write what you want?

a. you want to show off that you too, like a million other people have a blog?
b. you want to be able to write stuff that no one reads / understands?
c. you want to show off that you too can write albeit pathetically?


Sakshi said...

Hmm. The stuff I really want to say, I dont write. What I write is mostly frivolous. So I guess, I cant answer your question :)

sparx said...

It's the same reason why people write letters to newspaper editors. Do you think they make ay difference to anyone ? You express an opinion because you have the brains to have one. Simble

dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum said...

d) prove that one is a(n) (pseudo-)intellectual?

well sparX,i was wonderin ... every tom, dick and harry has an opinion...(?)

i guess ya write coz its a 'release'... its coz we all want to communicate, we all want to be heard, we all crave appreciation....

Alrite,Ok, ok... i ve heard the argument, 'i write to please myself'... well i ask, 'oh really?? why publish then?? why not jot this in a piece of paper? on a word document, why WHY let the world know? :)

my opinion (coz i ve the brains to ve one? )

Arpz said...

@ dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum - Sparx was trying to help.... you see, he happens to know stuff others do not.
and yeah, d seems good true too. As for appreciation, some of the stuff I really write, isnt on a public portal,what is on this page can be called "random" at best. What I truly want to be appreciated for, is usually sent to my best critics, Sparx being one.

dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum said...

well i was genaralizing.. and i didnt mean 'you' :) i hardly know you and so ve no right to comment... but cause i happen to know a few other bloggers, and a few other human beings who dont blog, as well...err.. its after all just a thought. :S

and nothing against sparx.. *ducks* ;)... whats the fun without an argument ;)

Arpz said...

@ dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum - chalo maaf kiya. its just that im too possessive about sparx :D heheh! and oh, as for "so ve no right to comment" aah, thats not an issue as you said yourself, wats fun without argument, and if I did not want anyone to comment, it would not be up here ... so happy commenting pal :)