Saturday, December 22

Which indirect cost?

Friend: I think I love him

Me : (trying to find out cost pools and cost drivers) uh? hmm? argh!

Friend: Are you even listening?

Me: Yeah, Im trying to see which is the right cost driver

Friend: (taking my notes away) Listen to me, I love him

Me: Him? no, the case is about an apparel indust.... errr.. yeah... him, him! yeah him! love!

Friend: Oho! Do you even know whom Im talking about?

Me: err... (scratches head and thinks of which inidrect cost should go where) Abhishek Bachchan?

Friend: bhaad main jaa tu aur tera abhi-shake (does a li'l jig). arre him .. XYZ, I love him

Me: (Trying to retrieve my notes) Aaahhh, him, he looks like a gorrilla, but doesnt he have a girl friend? She's damn b-o-otiful too :P

Friend: Love Arpana, you dont even know what it means, so what if he has a girlfriend? I still love him ...

Me : Whats the use?

Friend: Not everything is your Balance sheet okay? Not everything is done for "use" okay?

Me: aah, you can dream on, but dawn does break. You can be an NGO, but profit you must make.

Friend: Why the heck do I even talk to you?

Me : Actually, that was so wise! Lemme blog about it yaar .. awesome quote, wait lemme write it down.

Friend: No wonder you are single. (walking away in anger) you will die single

Me: (calling after her) Cleopatra died single .... she sure enjoyed HER life (sticking toungue out)

Later on I pat myself on the back and applaud - wow, what a sentence:
you can dream on, but dawn does break. You can be an NGO, but profit you must make.

On another note:
Rambo arrives in Bangalore on Monday Evening.

Post due on Mona Darling. Do remind me about it. I'll go all senti and teary eyed and all and write about Mona Darling.

And yeah, in case I dont blog in the next few days, run along and have a Merry christmas too :)


Di said...

"you can dream on, but dawn does break": spoken like a true a hi-fi for tht :)

Arpz said...

@di - *grins* Hi5s back. yeah baby, im the cleopatra of cynics :D

Karunakaran Prasad said...

Thanks for the blog comments.

"Cleopatra died single".

Liked this post, seems you're not bad at all as regards well written blog posts. Keep writing.