Wednesday, December 26

today's info

read in the ET that most people try and google up about themselves.
Tried it today.

I wasnt expecting too much, for online, Im Arpz and never Arpana, also because Im not someone who needs to be kept track of by Google. *sarcastic sigh*

Nevertheless, I tried out Arpana in the google bar and one link that came up , apart from Arpana Caur and the organisation Arpana, was someone's show of affection to a certain "Arpana". *smiles*, chalo, I hope she knows about it and is happy for it.

Also got this -



dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum said...

heh, that was different

.... i guess all unrequited love stories have a common thread bindin' 'em together... Hope.

someone once said that we shud accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope....

it works i guess, at times :)

p.s: btw, your blog comes up as the 2nd result outta 14,600, if you search for Arpz, so thats pretty google-healthy.

arpz said...

@dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum - *smiles* thanks :)