Thursday, January 17

err.. story?

they sat there laughing at yet another silly joke. amid the milling crowds, as though their laughter was like the church bells ringing.. suddenly she fell silent; a tear making its way down her cheek ... he held out a napkin; concerned for her. he did not know what sorrow it was, that flowed as a solitary tear from her eye; and he didnt dare ask.

As she walked back, holding her jacket close to her bosom for warmth; she smiled; it was a nice evening. He was a good man. Immediately she thought of him. she wanted to tell him about today's evening, she wanted to share every minute she had spent with him, with him.

he lay sprawled on his bed. she was a nice girl, he hadnt noticed the clock strike 11 when he was with her, it was as though time just .... vanished.... what was it that they had spoken about? nothing; just a few trivial matters, a few jokes and what else; he could not remember anything at all, except that it had felt right to be there; with her, to laugh and smile, to tell her about himself, his life and to extend his hand when hers trembled, to wipe her tear off
and then he thought of her, he wondered if she would like her

she waited for him all day. She loved him more than anything else in her life. heck! she loved him more than she loved herself. Something was amiss these days though, he was never there when she needed him and Lord knew she needed him ever so badly now. a couple of tears made their way from her eyes, she tried to squeeze them back into her eyes, but they seemed determined to flow out. She took out her phone and called him. Her only comfort was that he was around. she had begun to spend more and more time with him. every moment she spent with him, made her ache all the more for him; she wanted him to know everything... every moment in her life, she wanted to tell him that she belonged to him utterly and completely. So lost she was in her thoughts, that she did not notice him coming. he held out his hand to her.

They walked down the beach, hand in hand, squatting in the wet sand; feeling the salty waves lick their toes before they went back on their unending journey back to the other shore. Her eyes kept straying at the road which he used to take. He kept thinking of how she hated sea shores.

As she bent her head on his shoulder, he was jolted into the present. held her softly and wondered - is it wrong to love?
as she she sat there, her head on his shoulders, she wondered if he would ever know of her love for him and if she would ever lean on him this way for support... is it wrong to love? was the thought on her mind.

BTW - Sakshi says men dont call because they dont want to. I second that opinion. completely.


Sakshi said...

This is like Sawariya explained!

Arpz said...

hahaha, agreed, must be the number of movies Im watching these days.... mind seems to be completely numb.

The Dark Lord said...

you know what I think, both the hes are a impotent idiots, and are poor excuses for being men. how the hell does she get involved with only jerks?
worse still, she ignores her friends for the hes? wtf

Di said...

:) aise hi hota hain..kya karen..

Arpz said...

@the dark lord - huh? u figure out so much from a random story! wow!

@di - DONT tell me you liked SAWARIYA then! :)

Anurag said...

i was engrossed in teh story...very well written...but then i was looking for an ending

but then many times life is left in ambiguity isnt it...

n men dont call because they dont want to...true n not true

but i guess the same holds for women...lets not gender discriminate here :D

Arpz said...

@anurag - ambiguity - thy name be life :D (dont u see a budding shakespeare there :D).. as for the call thing - well its a rant. and it was sakshi's ranting which I took up.. personal and no offence meant to anyone it wasnt meant (if u got that)

Adarsh said...

o wow
i am not sure but i think there are 4 people involved.

very nice story though. many would have related to it on a personal level.

PS: I have a feeling that I have been to your blog before... I mean months before.

Adarsh said...

just out of curiosity....
are you the one whom I had once said that the color of her blog was too RED ???

anyways... nevermind :)