Wednesday, January 2



realised, the company does not have a job- description for the post I hold right now.

asked : if I dont have a JD, should I work really?

got the answer : if you dont have a JD, should you have a job, really?

Got back to whatever insignificant work that was, that I was doing on excel. Sigh.


(I just had to put it here)

How a mallu pronounces "Fantastic"

The Fan should be pronounced as fun - as in I had fun getting drunk; but drag the u in the fun a li'l, like I had f-u-n drinking,
else try just "aa" as the "aas" described below.

the "as" in (fantastic) as a brit guy would pronounce arse; except without the r sound of course,
but if thats too difficult for you to imagine, - as "aas" as in " jab se abhishek bachchan ki shaadi hui hain, jeene ki aas hi nahin hain"
the "tic" as in "stick" - as in I would love to beat up Ranbir Kapoor with a think long stick.
(you may keep the "s" sound in the stick, it will merge with your a(r)se anyways :P

How a northie pronounces comfortable

say this -> you know that furniture you borrowed last month? yes, I have come for table.
now just say 'come for table. '

and there you go - comfortable - come for table :P

How a Gult (telguite) pronounces Curd/ Board (basically anything that ends with a rd)

say Cur and then say road.
now say curroad quickly .. try and make the 'o' as short as possible.

now for Board .. say bo, now say red. now say bo-red (not bored mind you. the hyphen has a significance) or just pronounce it as borad.

There, the lesson for the day - taught.


Crime Master said...

:D From Basanti to CrazyDhakkan to CrimeMaster - I am one and the same! :D Yes, changed the blog! :)

And that was a good lesson you taught! :P

Adarsh said...

he he he he
too muchh !!!
i am not sure about the 'fantastic' pronunciation though. But the explanation was terrific.

Still searching said...

lol! good use of office time I say! (if you're posting from office!)...

happy new year!

dubito, ergo cogito, ergo sum said...


ON, too, tree, phor, phy, six, sevn, yate, nyn, ten..e-levan, towl..

i kinda ve this bengali frnd who says 'Payen' for pen and Ah-kounts for accounts... since am a mallu, i shut up and go quietly abt my work... we are world phamous in india for the liberty we take with the english language.

well, if ya wanna hear how a kannidiga will go abt it ;) heres ya go :P
accent or no accent this is a must watch ;)

well, check this :

this is neat if ya know a bit of mallu, btw.

am gettin late, and i should be running. Shite! (as the irish, scottish or english would say)

Bullshee said...

I say!I say!

I condemn this attempt at condemning a Mallu's command over the English vernacular!

Naawt faeer!!!

Zee said...

and precious lesson too........hahahaha!