Tuesday, February 5

Why because

So, though my reader- base (whom am I kidding? Reader-base? More like a legend – always heard of, never seen of) ... does not wonder why am I missing in action for the past one week; I shall become shameless and indulge in washing the dirty linen on the blog . Does any one have Surf? No? Tide? Yes? Thank you.

The last one week has been horrendous to say the least. Like how the audience watching Saawariya felt ... like how it felt to be the stockholder of a blue chip company when the market went on a free fall; like how it felt to be a Patriot’s fan during this years Super Bowl. Like how it felt to be an employee of TCS when it cut the variable pay.

Yes. It was something like that, only much much more magnified. Like looking at the still shuddering leg of a dead cockroach under a microscope and watching the movement of the fine body hair the leg possesses; yes – that magnified.

So, as I was saying – the week has been horrendous. And now you know how horrendous.
Why? I hear you ask. (“you”? What a joke – we’ve already established that the reader-base of this blog is a legend)

Anyways, shameless that I am ...

Why because (and this was a ‘in’ phrase when I was at school – those 4th to 6th grade engilpis – yessir it was .. everything used to be “aye, why yaaa?” “aiiyyoo why because; you know ...”
So when you had questions like –
“aye why yaa not talking since yesterday to me yaaa?”
“aiyyoo why because you stoled my rubber no?”

“why did you not do your homework you @#$!@#$@!$!@... show me your hand, outstretched..” (the sounds of the steel scale(ruler) hitting our delicate knuckles still resonates the school building... like the haunted last cry of a dying pigeon shot midair) (poetic no? all that pigeon and all?)
“Miss , miss why because miss .... my rubber miss, he stoled miss”)

So there now, you know the story of the “why because” and you know from where our dear Aamir Khan got his story.

Anyways, getting back

The week has been horrendous.
Why because ... *sigh* it was horrendous.

Also, a lass named Taru did not tag us in her blog.

Also, another lass thinks she has me figured out as she reads my blog; sends me a horrendously (yes i love the word) long email with her assumptions of what is wrong with me. I did not know I held a Paris Hiltonian celebrity status in my blog ...

Also another lad thinks he is in undying love with me ... in his words – “I have a job, I look more handsome than you, I have my own car. Why cant we go around together?”
Well, the lad now has his own cell. No, not Nokia 6610i; I meant his cell room in the Bangalore police station.

Also, too much of work at the aaphis!

Also, ear infection, throat infection, cold, cough, rhinitis and sinusitis. There, that list has everything except Aids and Cancer me thinks.
My doctor bought a new Mercedes Benz. His kids now watch movies only in the Gold Class of PVR Cinemas.

I know I have Wonne tag to complete by Amlan Nanda; I shall I shall I shall.

I yam leaving for Antartica (for the wones who dont know, it is my country) ; packing bags for my annual visit ... V-day is close by you see.


Adarsh said...

why.... because... no... why... aye... aiyyoo...

hehe... kcuhh palle nahin pada :P

busy hain... to kya gham hai.... (bad PJ)

aur 1 week mein sharm aa gayi !!! hum to mahina bhar gayab ho jaate hain aur choo tak nahin hoti hai :P

sparx said...

stop flogging the super bowl just to boost web traffic to your blog :P

jj said...

nice blog you keep here....you can safely add me on to the "reader-base" legend! :)

Anurag said...

yaar...if people are sending u emails based on ur blog...then obviously u have a huge loyal reader base...so point 1 to be happy about

point 2...the stalker guy is in the cell :o)

point 3...ur childhood story is a super dooper bumper hit called taare zameen par :D

point 4...u dont have AIDS n CANCER...YET :D

point 5...the fees u pay is bringing so much happiness to ur doc n his kids

point 6...so few people get a chance to go to antartica...n u r based there...am i jealous

point 7...v day is still more than a week away :D :D

so gimme a big big smile :D :D

Arpz said...

@adarsh - people who get 25 comments a piece are not supposed to laugh at mere mortals who get 2.5 comments a piece :P

@ sparx - Aussies rule :P .. now go discuss this over scotch like a good gentleman (tries keeping a straight face)

@jj - thankoo thankoo thankoo ... one more addition to my legend :D

@anurag - truly and genuinely; reading your comment has brought about the first and most genuine smile to my face the whole of the day :) cldnt you comment early in the morn .. poora din to smile karti naa? :) (grins widely)

Anurag said...

arre itna na praise kijiye...u never know when u get a new stalker :P :P

jokes apart...am happy i could make u smile...my one n only good deed of the day :o)

Phoenix said...

Itna gussa!

I just thought u wd be too busy to do a silly tag on books....u always sound so engrossed in work and horrendous thing and lovely guys these days...blog pe bhi sorry bola tha, fir bhi inna gussa!
maafi genius maafi:)

aur cheer up hone ka kya logi? ek cell? ya ek v-day date? badi cold ho gayi hai? warm heart ka kya hua? ;)
chalo, show ur otstretched hand, pigeon!

ani said...

nutcase! nut nut nut!

biiiiiiiiiig hug n nw smilee!!!

Amlan Nanda said...

I have a new realization that tagging is kinda retarded.
Its something even a 5th grader can do.It takes away "Creativity"-- and so kills all the charm.

So, its okay if you don't wanna do the tag. If u must, go ahead :=)

the humor in the post. we likes.

Arpz said...

@anurag - stalkers are always welcome; especially if they are from the IIMA :D

@phoenix - gussa nahin beta; dissapointment "dost dost na raha , tag tag na raha" :P waise, agar V-day Date dila sakte ho, to we jump the bandwagon :D

@ani *smiles* thankooooo

@amlan nanda - the process and the methodology utilised to do the tag has the creativity in it (all words I learnt at the IIM ... dunno wat they mean though :D) I shall do the tag I shall do it :D

Karunakaran Prasad said...

It must take a very special talent to rap on your knuckles, when your hand is outstretched. Force of habit, who knows.

The metaphorical improvisation's not bad. Not bad at all..

catalyst said...

me say, count us among the loyal reader base, we are only one but we do count.

someone daresay she figured you out :O how naive

bon voyage!

PS- you write good, thanks. My day wont go horrendous :)

Zee said...

good god a convict is in love with u?????

if u have problems how's this- i muslim, u muslim, how about getting married?

cheers man!

Sakshi said...

Book tag?There is a book tag going around? Why am I not included? Why only..

And Arpz, I am already in the Antartic. Come faasht. Sigh. I walked into the coffee shop today and they have turned it Pink and Red!!! Isn't anything sacred anymore? Sigh...

Arpz said...

@Catalyst - the last I checked you read my blog in 3BC? and you request addition to that elite and limited edition list of my loyal reader base? :P

@Zee - he's a convict cos he's in love with me ... not the other way round. get it? And u muslim, me muslim is awesome - like me tarzan-you jane :D

@sakshi - you are tagged to do the book tag even before I actually do the tag :D hope you have the visa to visit my country (oh of course you do - u single and u hate red and pink :D) we shall share vodka tonight, Im at the east end of the glacier, shall come over to meet you there :D

Arpz said...

@karunakaran Prasad - hand is outstretched, the palm is rolled into a ball the memories still bring pain to the knuckles *ouch*

catalyst said...

looks like your stat counter commiserates with my anonymity as well ;) otherwise i frequent your blog with an unerring regularity :)

Arpz said...

@catalyst - leave a comment everytime you frequent my blog and my statcounter shall issue a "frequent visitor" pass to my blog; freebies include a scroll-up and down feature, sing-along facility and easy access to dilbert :D

Adarsh said...

ok ok... yahan bhi hum surrender kar dete hain. You Win.

But still 20+ is a rarity for me.
and jab aap reply karengi to idhar 20 ho jayega.

I guess... Even.

Srik said...

And why because a smart way to expand one line into a big post.

Three cheers,

(p.s. *it is me whom you met at my place on sunday evening!)

Srik said...

Dont go on certifying urself :P

well...can e touch me here destinationsrik at yahoo dot com

Pavitra said...

you are such a nice person, everyone will like you always :))))))))))))))))))) why you made him go to jail :(((((((((((((((((((((

easy easy to love you noooo???
keeeppppppppppppppppppp smiling :))))))))))))))))))))))))

why you not updating bloggg????

Shree said...

apart from demeaning a few readers and making the others non existent. I do not see a point to this blog at all.
The barb in the post has been driven home.