Thursday, May 22

The Times

so, we are back again. we of the corporate world, we of the MNC. we of the abused lot who get to work 14 hours a day on stuff they label "integration".

we who used to post two posts a day on topics such as how our company believes in Charity; not plead excuse of being too busy. Busy as a Bee if you would like it.

However, in truth, we have not been writing because we have a writer's block. Now, it is all very well for you to ask "huh, writer? I dont see one here!" and raise eyebrows sarcastically, but this is our blog and when we proclaim our high and mighty ass to belong to a writer, you better nod your head vigorously and agree to it. Else, well, GET LOST.

So, where were we? Ahh, yes, the Writer's block.

Having run out of words that would put a booker prize winner to shame and cause a pulitzer winner to commit suicide, we hide behind the curtain that says "im busy".

(Random Sidenote: in one of the mindless promos of Saawariya, Omang Kumar (is that what that monkey is named? - random sidenote within a random sidenote - Omang Kumar is the same monkey who designed the sets for Ramayan (the TV serial) as well. End of nested loop :D) the set designer says that bhansali liked the Monalisa curtain so much that, so, that he actually put a song in, around it, remember that semi nude Gay son of Rishi Kapoor frolicking around with a curtain?)

(for those who read the side note, and wondered if I had lost it; hello!!! logic, analysis, reasoning. My sidenote relates to a curtain, and my last sentence before the sidenote spoke about a curtain)

well, okay, My main idea though, was to write an earth shattering post revealing about my secret crush on Abhishek Bachchan, but well, I decided I will tell you about how much I work these days.

Like, the other day,

-> when I uploaded a graph instead of my snap on Gtalk, and actually admired the damn thing for being so neat and having all the RCA and stuff around it. (by now, Im sure you are sure that I created that graph).

You dont believe it? Here's the snap to prove it.

-> when I got "a little something" from Haldirams to munch on, and kept it on my desk, forgot about it, and finally when I did see it again, a good 12 hours later, instead of reaching out to the packet, just put the mouse into my mouth. Edible mouses? Next is what? (for dumbos who didnt get that - its the catch line of samsung, with Aamir trying to eat the phone (?)in a particular ad.

-> when I "said Hello, MNC, Just So from the Quality team speaking" when someone rang me up on my mobile phone

-> when I stood in the middle of the room, trying to find my diary (yes, its lost. AGAIN. yes) and wondering where the Fcuk is Ctrl F in the room.

-> when I did a CtrlC at my system, walked over to the team mate's system and did a Ctrl V and looked flabbergasted (whoa thats a huge word) when the phrase copied in my system didnt show up on his!

-> when I said "I'll check my schedule" when she asked me to call the painters and ask them to move their 'coloured' asses to work faster

-> when I checked my attendance sheet online and found that the minimum time spent in office in the last one month has been 10 hours 30 minutes (excluding the commute of course)

so, in case anyone is wondering why the hell is the post named " The Times" it is because, having become such a zombie workaholic, woh din door nahin, when I'll be on the cover of Times. :D


Phoenix said...

You seriously need a break baby. Seriously! The stress does things to your mind and body, and will do it immediately after this phase even more than it does now when you have no time to notice. Love yourself a bit hon, give yourself a breath!

Sakshi said...

Awwwwww, hugs!
Take a break. A breather. Write some kickass poetry and send to me :D

Well, if you cant write .. atleast take a break, wokay?

marvin the paranoid android said...

it is all a conspiracy by the capitalist amreekans to destroy our youth and weaken the country before they finally take it over...

long live the proletariat...

Daroga said...

Inshallah.. wo din jaldi hi aayega ... AMEN !!!

Music and sleep are my stress-busters. find some of yours :)

Kanupriya said...

I like Randhir Kapur! 0_o and he's not gay x-(

[on the sidenote, let me say this too, 'get some rest!'] :p

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Daroga said...

your work is your stress-buster !!!!
please be kidding :P

saphire said...

u work on integration!!! *Solemnly bows at ur blogs feed*

Hope said...

I thought you were totally gayab! Remember Gayab Aaya Gayab Aaya..... :) You are back, although I'm late in noticing.... :)

Anonymous said...

eg var ad leita ad, takk