Wednesday, May 7


Theek hain, one month is a long time to return back to your space on the cyber world. Good thing that the web doesn’t catch cobwebs, I’m too lazy to clean. What with the shifting from the ground floor to the first floor, choosing colors for my room and the house, lugging luggage around, cooking for ‘will they be my?’ in-laws, working on the intergration of MNC (My new company – you see –My company (MC) merged with New Company (NC) to form My New Company (MNC) the month has been biji-biji. (hint about MNC – you are looking at a company which has given back to the shareholders in the form of dividends etc, the amount equivalent to the entire market capitalization of British Airways; and is counted among the top 25 brands of the world). And because life is too complicated, and suddenly too personal to be put up on a blog, I shall complete a tag.
Adarsh Tags me on an ABC tag. Now, who would want to know the ABCs of Justso? Anyways, here goes.
A - Available?
If you are a Brahmin, earn more than 12 lakh per annum, and can bear my nagging mom, yes Im available. :P If you arent a brahmin but qualify otherwise, we can elope. For the rest, I have a boyfriend - Abhishek Bachchan.
B - Best Friend
My teddy
C - Cake or Pie
Cake - yum
D - Drink of Choice
Tea de do bhaiyya; esp the tea that is sold for 2 rupees at those cigarette and tea shops. Awesome!
E – Essential thing(s) used every day
Deodrant – else India wont need any bio weapons. It will be enough when I raise my arms. :P
F – Favourite Colour
Though unashamedly, ive gone in for a girly pink for my room, I love the greys, browns and blacks. Proof: half my room is grey, only the other half is the *ugh* girly pink :D
G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms
Gummy bears Yeaaa! Remember that cartoon? “gummy beary gummy beary gummy beary juice” :D
H – Hometown
Bangalore. And im sick and tired of this city. Period.
I – Indulgence
J – January or February
K – Kids and Names
Ahh, there were the days when dreaming about future children and their weird names seemed romantic. Not anymore. I don’t have the time. And I hate kids.
L – Life
M – Marriage
N – Number of siblings
One very very taaallllll bro whom I love to bits :D
O –Oranges or Apples
Orangesssssssssssssssssss ; remember those bachpan ke days when you squirted the juice in the orange peel in someone’s eyes or when you squeezed out all the juice from the peel and did some stupid stuff with the ruler and it would get those cobweb kinda strings to, the fact that the scale would then get useless with all that orange peel juice was so convienently ignored until mom pulled your ears for wasting yet another scale?
P – Phobia
Hieghts. Damn, there are days Im scared to even look out of a first floor balcony. I get this pins and needles sensation in the soles of my feet. I always hang on to someone’s shirt sleeves for dear life when Im standing at the balcony
Q – Quote
The last I checked, DLF was trading at 662.5 rupees at the BSE.
R - Reason to Smile
none. I'll smile on doomsday.
S – Season
Translates as Mausam – it was a nice movie. Some awesome songs. “dil dhoondta hain phir wahi pursat ke raat din” as a matter of fact, Im listening to it right now.
T – Tag people
Tag yourselves. Noone I tag, ever completes the damn tag.
U – Unknown fact about me
Im an alien from the planet Zorggwba
V – Vegetable you do not like
All of them except for aalu and bhindi :D
W – Worst Habit
We aliens don’t have worst habits. We are the epitome of the word ‘perfect’.
X-rays you have had.
X-Rays you’ve ‘had’? Im not yet that desperate :P otherwise – Ive had X – rays of my left hand, left leg, skull, teeth ,right foot TAKEN.
Y – Your favourite food
Doosron ka bheja :P
Z – Zodiac
CANCER – door rahiyo mujhse Mwahahahahaha

PS - Ive been bombarded with "whom do you support" for that silly reality TV gimmick they call "manu aur ranjan ka baap" let me tell you, No it is not Bret Lee in looking very Priety in pink, but the ICL's Lahore Badshahs. Yes, you read that right. Those bumbling fools who have Inzy for a Cap'n and Moin Khan for a coach (The coach is younger than the cap'n by the way). The same bunch of eleven people who would look more at home in a Geriatric (did I spell that right?) ward. Seeing them scampering in the opposite direction of the ball makes better watching that Tom and Jerry on Cartoon Network. Just ping me the next time my fav team plays and I shall watch them with popcorn at hand and a pillow at an arms length so that when I ROTFL, I wont get hurt :P


Daroga said...

whoff !!!... finally !!! :P

and very interestingly done !!!

next time jab apne planet wapas jaiyega.... to wahan se kuchh gift zaroor laiyega humare liye :D

good luck with your NC :)

Anonymous said...

U never told me tht u r an alien from Zorggwba :O :O :O
u know any magic tricks.... like making ppl jump against the gravitational force of earth???

~ S.

Arpz said...

@adarsh - MNC not NC :P kya gift chahiye? we have intestine juice. le aaon?

@S - abe! Main zorggwba ki alien hoon, rakesh roshan ki jaadoo nahin :P

catalyst said...

aha! so u an alien...that sums it up :) good to have you back, was missing your philosophy laden rambles :)

Zee said...

looooooooooookie who's back!!!!!!!!!!!
question: do aliens feel alienated?

Daroga said...

MNC = My New Company... so if I say it ... it'll be Your New Company or your NC :)

and intestine juice ... eewwww
alien aur vampire mein confuse kar rahi hain aap :P

saphire said...

"Quote : The last I checked, DLF was trading at 662.5 rupees at the BSE."

Sakshi said...

Der sahi par mein to comment karne. :D

Anonymous said...

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