Wednesday, March 12

post 121

had to write this down.

Now a days moi morks from 6AM to 8PM; go home and there's something to do until 12AM. which means moi has only one great ambition in her life these days - to be able to sleep.
moi thinks it is nirvana. to be so numb to not know anything, but sleep.

"nidra samadhi sthithi"

(for those who understood the above line as much as @#$@#!$!@#; the sentence equates sleep to samadhi - a state of trance/ awakening of subconscious)

Moi is also growing up,realised that moi can do away with the teddy that she is used to clutching hard to her bosom while sleeping. Woke up on three consecutive mornings to find her favorite pillow which hugs her while sleeping has been flung across the room, not just dropped off the bed, mind you, literally flung across the room. what dreams moi was having when she did that, she doesnt know. The first time in all the years moi can remember.

anyways, just when moi decided that she had attained nirvana, on her walk back from after having breakfast with her cute colleague, she happened to see the IIMB bus pull up at the cross road awaiting a green signal. She looked up casually, to notice someone she knew!!! he waved out at her and smiled; that made her day.
She knew she could work the whole day without a complaint.

PS - retiring for a small hiatus. will be back in a couple of days? weeks? months? *shrugs*
and oh, wish me luck. please. (for what? moi will tell you, if your wishes help)


Anurag said...

6 to 8....14 hours
which sector do u work in re....bata de...mai nahi jaunga
but serious question...which sector...iimb which batch... r u now

n teddy thrown ACROSS the room...mixed feelings...concerned bout the dreams n their intensity
but also happy since i DONOT like teddy bears :D :D

n wish u BEST OF LUCK ji...for watever u wanted to be wished for :o)

Adarsh said...

jo bhi karna hai... machaa dena ekdum :)

Anurag said...

reply to ur comment on my blog which u posted as reply to my comment on ur blog :D

lekin sector KAUNSA hai...yeh to batao :o)

n u want to come to gurgaon from blore...kya yaar...gurgaon se to blore hazar guna acha hai

aur aap iimb ke kaunse batch se hai waise? mere kuch dost hai waha

Anurag said...

reply to ur comment

hmmm...acha hai...kaafi bhaari lagta hai

n that one yr course...had a colleague there...sanjay chaudhry...dunno which yr though...maybe a yr senior to u...also had a friend...ajith prasad

p.s. yeh mast hai yaar...i comment on ur blog...u reply on mine...n then i on urs...dono ke comments badte jayenge :D :D

Phoenix said...

Oye take care, dont overwork...and jez u can wake up early int eh morning!!! Hail hail...:P
best of luckkkks hug

Hope said...

bestest it is!

Anurag said...

arre intelligent kya nahi hoga....akhir dost kiska hai :P

Anonymous said...

All the best!
Moi still clinging to her stuffed toy (bunny)! Moi can't let go :(
Moi would like to sleep off most things too, but moi have too much work :(

Anonymous said...

thank you, that was the kindest gesture ever.

--you know who this is

Arpz said...

@anurag, ab to aapko sab kuch pata hain, kyon?

@adarsh - thanks, hope it works *crossed fingers*

@phoenix - the thing is, I never sleep ... cos I can never wake up early :D and thanks for the luck!

@hope- thankoo; aapki ek shayari ho jaaye?

@Tia - so disillusioned and yet need a stuffed toy? which prooves, moi is more disillusioned :D

@I know who you are - it was the least I could do. guess some goodness yet left in me :)

catalyst said...

best of luck :)

jj said...

best of luck!! and you mean works right...or does "morks" mean anything?

nasia said...

all the best! i know its late.. but better late than never