Wednesday, April 29


Have you heard the story of the princess?

They got her the sweets from Bengal, Maple syrup from Canada, Manna and dew and magical potions brewed in the land of England, jaggery brewed out of the finest sugarcanes, rock sugar made by the druids of the ancient, they ordered for the ancient Egyptian recipes, the recipes that sweetened and loosened the tongue of the most hardened criminal, they got her dew, freshly formed at the crack of dawn, they got her honey straight from the bee hives of Africa… every conceivable sweet under the earth was ordered to be prepared with great care and given to her, fruits and nuts, and caramel and pudding … she tasted them all, and spat them out.

Everything, everything tastes bitter, she said, as bitter as bile, as bitter as gourd, as bitter as treason, as bitter as hate.

Everything, tastes bitter, she said.


Anonymous said...

meri samajh ke baahar hai ye ... :-s

~ S.

Phoenix said...


confused romantic dreamer said...

Is this just an expression of a feeling? Or, a part of a story that continues? If its the first one, the "mood offiness" has been painted well. If its the seond, will wait for the next epsiode.

Also, any inputs on my renewed blog would be highly appreciated. :)

Bullshee said...

Ok, this IS cryptic....where is the solution to this puzzle? Do I have to turn to some page?

What does it all mean Arpz? What does it all mean?

Saphire said...

they didnt try chocolate! :)
give it a shot..helps more often than not..

nasia said...

:-( i dont understand art . .

Anonymous said...

Downturn in marriage? I hope not

Arpz said...

@ Samyak, koi nahin... baad main samajh gaye na? :)

@Phoenix - exorcism

@CRD - u have a nice blog, and yes this is fiction, but there is no part 2 to it, I guess random words just pop out that way.

@Bulshee - arent you happy it isnt Mushy? thats the main thing right? to avoid the L word ;-)

@Di - so true!!!! I will suggest some really good chocolate icecream to the princess this time :)

@Nasia - Awww, comon.anyways, art that cant be understood is anyways worthless ;-) Im so glad that you have begun writing again *hugs*

@Anon - Touch wood! kya bol rahe ho yaar! its been just 2 months since ive gotten married, comon! there's still so much more I can do to harass the hubby :D waise, Mr Anon, who ARE you?

Anonymous said...

dont worry abt the moment when things are bitter, all u have to do is just remember there were sweet moments too and this phase of bitterness will pass by.

Hope u have a great life ahead.

Arpz said...

@ anon - thanks. But who are you? btw - the write up is Fiction.

distantcords said...

Angoor khatte hai :P


Anurag said... not thinking about it :) :)

dharmabum said...

the princess was perhaps yet to develop a taste for bitter gourd?

Zee said...

acid reflux. eno khao khush ho jao!