Monday, June 29

why get married and etcetra

I understand now, when you ponder over life's larger issues, and think of your existential meanings and question life's thoeries

(which basically means -
- you are on your mom's nerves forever
- you are forever moping around either because a) you have too much of work during weekdays, leaving you no time for HBO, Star Movies and World Movies or b) you have too much time on weekends and you are bored, because the above mentioned channels are NOT playing a single DECENT movie
- you begin to get several books that have fancy names and use the sentence - "what's the use anyways, everyone is gonna end up in the deep abyss for ever after"
- term your irritated, and short tempered self as a person having a 'quarter life crisis'
- work for more than 17 hours a day and run away during weekends to your friend's pads)

Why your family says "its time for marriage" and gets you married to the man of your life.

Purely because (and hold your breath ...)

A - they can get you off their back

B - you will have abso-fuckin-lutely NO time for anything in life let alone ask questions and ponder over theories. (believe me when I say that - Im constipated for the last two days, cos I din have time to go to the loo when the urge took over)

Brilliant-fuckin-geniuses these moms and grand moms are ... and then they enjoy every moment of your really hurried and harried married life with a chuckle and a statement that usually is a variant of "do it now, remember those days when you refused to work at home? now try refusing!)


In other news -

- Its been two months since I blogged. Yeah yeah I know. no need to send me wreathes assuming that Im dead

- MJ is dead - until he was alive, I never thought twice about the man. The moment I got to know he's dead, there's a deep sadness within. RIP MJ

- Im learning how to drive a car. I already have an LL, and soon, with a DL, I shall be India's savior, I shall rid it of its excess population

- Hubby goes to vides for a couple of months tomorrow, *sigh* lazy days, here I come; weepy days - here I come too, because I already miss him as I pack for him... boohoo

- Watched Bridewars amid snores, hubby fell asleep in the midst you see, moi thinks its a damn good movie - if you are bored to death on a sunday afternoon and your friends cancelled that "get together" you had planned all week long, and you have nothing else to do. Damn good movie to watch then.

- Bought a new phone. The old un's display started to look like that chequered lungi that my dad had bought in a sudden fit of admiration towards Mehmood.
- The damn phone was under warranty for an year. the damn thing broke down, 10 days after the warranty expired and thus the subject of my phones is of great mirth to the family (well, of the phones Ive had, I've lost 1, one met its demise when it fell off the 3rd floor, one refused to work after just 13 months, and now this.)
- So now I have a Samsung Touch Phone. Everyone keeps asking me 'Next is What' clutching their stomachs and rolling on the floor laughing. Sheesh!

- Finished 6 years in my current company. I feel so old already. I need a new job. Do let me know if you have one.

More later. Bye for now. Over and out.


you know who said...

I see you are back in your sarcastic glory?

yes I do know who :P (but this is arpz) said...

totally yeah. Mush is reserved only for the hubby :P

WSW said...

6 years!!!
Mus be a damn good place to work then.

Naziya said...

so marriage life is hurry? is that what it is .. oh no

Bullshee said...

Yay! The old Arpz peeks her head out and revels us in witty glory!!! Side effect of the hubby leaving town???

p.s- what do you do at your old company anyway???

hexgalaxy said...

ROFL @ dads chequred lungi comment :) far as gettin married is concerned, i HEAR ya, n i think me fortunate to learn from yer XP :D. Now i can try and get all the medicines and bandages i need dependin on how many cuts n bruises i c on u ;P.