Monday, August 24

a pithy excuse for a post after 2 months. :P Chow!


It hurts. Always. Memories. Would have been good to be an amnesiac. Ghajini?
Good memories, happy memories, smelly memories, sweet tasting, sugary syrupy memories – they all hurt. Always hurt.

Memories of places, of cobblestones, of peeling paint of narrow by lanes, of street corners overflowing with garbage cans, of familiar scents, wispy faint smell of aging books, of cologne and shaving cream, of chest hair and the sweaty smell of the arms on the hair, of sickly sweet cough drops and of damp dark places, of deep seated pain, of the stinking stench of broken hearts, of late nights and cold draughts, of colors and emotions, the vermillion of marriage, the red of unending hate, the sickly pale jaundiced yellow of stale salty tears shed over undeserving love, the dirty moss filled green of jealousy, the damp dark black of dejection and humiliation, they always hurt. The brown scabs of healing wounds, the orange hues of a new dawn, the white re-whitewashed life, the memories left behind, the memories taken along, the memories being formed, the memories being destroyed.

It hurts. Always. Memories.

In other news – caught up with a couple of friends, that was really overdue, Anu really. Thanks. Jab We Met. Missed Anu, missed komal. Missed so many misses and misters. Miss Mr. Hubby Dearest tons. (waise, miss Mr. seems so funny no?). bored actually. Nostalgia catches up, cant wait for the future to unfold though.


Mehak said...

wonderful piece. we all get nostalgic ever so often...:)

adarsh said...

well.. some are indeed very happy memories so I am not for complete amnesia(may be 80% amnesia would help :P)

D writer said...

I just love the way u write..not the first time I am saying read my blog too

JustSo said...

@mehak - thank you :)

@adarsh - I know what you mean - but even those happy memories hurt in a way - you think of when you were totally carefree and did crazy stuff and you think ki woh din kahaan ... and that hurts ..

@Dwriter - thanks, and you are good too ma'm. You have a good blog up there.