Thursday, September 10

strange lives

Marriage is more difficult than it looks.

Just when we were settling in the married life, hubby decided to take a long tour, and we came back to the mom's place. (Look at the irony here - you were born with these people, you learnt to go goo-gaa here, learnt to walk, became an individual, held their name for a quarter of a century, took them for granted, laughed when they were happy, expected them to cry when you werent - and suddenly, instead of my home, it becomes "mom's place" dont we just hate that?) and now, when the hubby returns, we get back... and miss mom and home SO darn much, that despite the home being just a stone's throw away, it brings tears to our eyes.

Life is such.

In other news,

life is as dull and boring as ever, work occupies.

hubby got choclates (just when everyone was telling me, Ive lost weight, darn it!)

took one last chance at bachelorhood when the hubby was away, went out, attempted to get drunk (well, if you arent drunk after 2 neats and 5 cocktails - when its your first time with so much alcohol, you have attempted to get drunk - yes) met up with old friends (I mean they arent 90 year olds, they are just friends for a long time now).

body aches, head aches. too much of work. need to get a life.

In still other news,

trying to get a friend married. as he verry polietly puts it, stop being such a P**p while, Im trying to get him his soul mate. so much for true friendship and gratitude and all that ... eff it to Pluto yeah, go ahead, fling it.

attempting to read Shantaram. I think I'll finish it when my kids graduate. I am managing a stellar "one line a day".

Lisa Ray is diagnosed with cancer, and the hubby is upset. Hello! what happened to patnivrata husbands these days! I tell ya, God doesnt really bother about Customer Satisfaction anymore!

And, yeah go ahead call me a pervert, send me hate mail and all that ... but seriously - I must be sick to even think of this - but those of you who do visit me, know I am not known for my virtues and "I love mankind, I am a miss goody two shoes" nature - and I know when you read the line below - you will smirk internally too, snort to snub a laugh and go - chee wat ye pervert she is no?

Hero (to villian) - kameene, main tujhe maarke, tujhe antim sanskar ka bhi sukh nahin doonga, teri body cheel kauwon ko khilaaonga

Villian - go ahead, Im a parsi :P

Okay, I am a bad girl, shut up, wipe that smirk off ur face and run along.

Be good too.


Uma said...

wowwww..good come back dear..Good or Bad..we just luv u as u are :)..gr8 post there!!

Sakshi said...

Chocolate, huh? He sure knows how to please a girl :)

RGB said...

Somebody seems to have had fun, when hubby away. And did u see the stars? Considering u managed to gulp down that much, as a first timer! Enjoyed reading ur post...hicccccup, excuuuuse me!